Joy in Accomplishment

The other day I was surfing the net when I ran into a quote by Mark Twain that struck a chord with me:

“I’m glad I did it, partly because it was worth it, but mostly because I shall never have to do it again” -Mark Twain

I LOVE IT!!  I find HUGE joy in accomplishment!  And it’s so fun that once you accomplish something that’s part of your history, your legacy and will live on forever with you!!  You DID it and you don’t ever have to do it again, unless you want to!!!  

 ~~~ What have you DONE??? ~~~ What will you DO next??? ~~~

5 things I’ve done, that I’ll never “have to” do again!

I’ve raced track (middle distance), cross country, road races
Married the man of my dreams
I’ve had 4 kids
I’ve lived in 5 different states (CO, MN, TX, ND, AR)
I’ve competed in the NPC as a national level figure competitor

5 things I may do next, and won’t ever “have to” do again if I accomplish them!

I may someday do a tri-triathlon (if I can get over my hatred of water)
I may do some sort of a martial arts competition or fight (boxing or mma)
I may be a coach to my kids in a sport (softball, soccer, track and in my dreams football, )
I may compete in an arm wrestling tournament or a power lifting competition or an adventure race
I may play in a tennis tournament or a golf tournament

The list of possibilities is endless, but Accomplishing is JOY to me!!  Part of why I find joy in working out is the sense of accomplishment it gives me!!  We all need a daily dose of accomplishment! Let’s get to it!! GO DO SOMETHING!!  I want to have a HUGE list of accomplishments when I am done in this world!!

Yesterday I accomplished having fun playing tennis and getting in a great leg workout:

warm up u bike 5mins
175×6 recent PB for me
135×12- super focus on glute contraction

Dead lifts

Squat machine-
1 set calves

leg extensions

Roman chair knee ups
50, 50, 30

lower back extensions
25 x2sets

It was my first leg workout since last Monday- too long!! I am sore already 🙁

I am also very sore from my Chest workout on TUESDAY night…it feels good to be back from vacation and ACCOMPLISHING workouts again!!

On tap for me this weekend is photos and stats for the SX70!  I am a little behind because I skipped last week~ Be sure to send in your entry-( then you can add FINISHING the SX70 to your list of Accomplishments!!!

NOW it’s time for me to accomplish catching up with you my BUDDY!!





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