the JOY of FRIENDS!!

Good friends are priceless! Having a sense of relationship brings us JOY~ Joy is found in friendship!!

A recent study shows that texting and social networking via the internet has had the opposite effect on society than at first believed. WE are becoming MORE social, MORE connected and MORE Friendly!! That is AWESOME news, but I am not surprised! I’ve been the leader in a fun social female only internet society for over 5 years (the Rally Room).  The Rally Room has allowed me to interact and become very close friends with hundreds of women all over the world!!  Thanks to the internet, I now have more close friends than I ever imagined!  It brings me  JOY!

Doubling of our joy

Friendship improves happiness and abates misery, by the doubling of our joy and the dividing of our grief.

Yesterday, JUNE 1st turned into a day off for me…I needed it after my “every day in MAY” challenge.  Today my focus is on getting my Training client work done and working LEGS hard!  Legs are my current favorite body part to work!! I just love feeling the muscles contract and fire up my metabolism!!!

Have a friendship filled JOYOUS JUNE DAY!!




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