get 'er done!

Lots of “TO DO’s” before the HOLIDAY- write a
diet, follow up with business partners, do tax stuff, accounting,
fulfillment, run, lift legs…WHEW~! Time to “GET ‘er DONE!!”

On the workout front, things are going well!! 

Wed- ran 10 mins and played tennis for about 1.5 hours

Thurs- lifted chest/tris/abs with my son and did 11 mins of upright bike

Today’s plan- run same distance as Wednesday- about 10 mins; afternoon do legs

My weight is 128 today~ i am fine with that for now–but buffing is ON!! I am getting serious about cutting CARBS!  It’s the only way I can seem to lean up! my goal is to be 126 by the time I head to AZ on june 8th!

My mini-challenge for the week of eating 3 greens a day has been going GREAT!  I can tell in my energy levels.

some of my choices have included:

Brocolli slaw
red peppers
green beans

Time for me to get’er done!!

Happy Friday!!




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