Travel Plannin'

Hi Ladies!!

Well guess what?? I am going on a little trip!!  On  June 8th I am flying to AZ to see my sissy!! I am so excited!! I have never been to Arizona and am very excited to see it!  My sister lives in Chandler and we’ll probably go up to Sedona one day while I am there.  Other than that I plan on RESTING by the pool and simply enjoying some R&R. 

Tonight we have our monthly conference calls for the BuffMother Contest Team and I think in August we’ll start having RR conference calls!! It would be a fun way for us all to connect.

My DD Gracie has a “tooth injury”- so I may have to bring her to the dentist today.  She had a big chunk of her new molar pop out during school yesterday– NOT GOOD!  at least it’s not hurting her yet, so I think if we get in today or tomorrow she’ll be just fine.  Another thing I’ve got on tap today is going to a local sports store to check out TANDEM BIKES- Travis and I wanna try it!  I think we’d have a blast riding together.  have any of you tried it?  or know of anyone who is selling a bike?

I really loved Gina’s inspirational R.M. post today:


What if you could fully comprehend everything of which you’re capable? You would never waste another moment of your precious time. What if you could know how truly powerful you are? You would never again be reluctant to move forward. You are the living expression of opportunity. Within you are countless magnificent achievements to be discovered and fulfilled. Fear keeps those achievements unrealized, hidden from yourself and the world. Love will set them free. Spend a moment in loving thankfulness for all that has brought you to where you are today. Peacefully let go of the resentment, doubt, disappointment, worry and fear. Feel the power of your own possibilities. See that the best is yet to come, and joyfully begin to bring it to life.

— Ralph Marston


I’ll be back later to post my bikini pics for today and my back workout,

Have a good BUFF day!!




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