35 in 35!!

35 in 35…. It’s 35 days until I am 35!

I am ready to HARNESS the POWER of my hormones this week–HORMONE POWER time!!!  Cycle day 16 is today so these next couple days week, I’ll finish off mybuffing phase and enter into some POWERFUL boosting!!!  I am planning on lifting heavy this go around!!

This Month has started off STELLAR for me~!! I worked out EVERY DAY!!!
Here is the recap:

Sat-May 1– one hour workout at gym upper body and itnervals on stair mill
Su-May 2– walk with the family- about 25min worth
M-May 3– Leg workout- a short one since Mondays are so CRAZY for me, but good little workout- 30 mins total!
T-May 4th– cycle day 10; 127#, RHR= 43! (that’s my recent low)my workout was FUN stuff- family play and a walk with my family- about 45 mins worth of walking.
W-May 5th– cday 11; RHR=50; today- heading to the gym now for a back, sh, bicep workout and did 3 mins of the stair mill- cut it short cuz my butt hurt.
Th-A short one at home: push ups, lunges, shoulder press, lateral raises, cats & stretchin’!
F– LEGS @ gym
Su– mini core workout- 13mins on the floor at home- GOT IT DONE!!

My goal this week is to keep on with my “EVERY DAY IN MAY!”- keep increasing my fitness level overall and to enter into boosting with a furry, but keep my eating as healthy as possible.
T-Back, bi’s Shoulders
W (c-18)-Chest Tri’s
Th-fun workout day
Sa- Back, bi’s Shoulders

6 lifting
0 intervals- still limiting these due to my sciatica
ABS daily
Bikini Daily!
AND, I’d love to add in some EXTRA fun workouts too–some walking/hiking, some tennis and some extra fun things???

Girls…we have only 5 weeks left to getin’ in shape, lose the weight and be ready finish a SEXT for Summer…will you be ready???  I know I need to focus and pull out some POWER from deep within to get my booty 100% ready…LET’s DO it!!!!


KICK IT in these middle weeks, so that at the end you can finish on top!!!
Love Ya,



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