Happy May Day!

I love the Month of MAY~ it means Summer is on its way and that Spring is ON!
Have any of you ever really celebrated May day? Giving MAY DAY baskets to your neighbors sounds like a great tradition that I’ve never participated in, lol! Maybe next year I’ll try it?

Be sure to have a HAPPY MAY day and take some time today to make some GOALS for MAY…kinda like new years resolutions, but just for the month of MAY….here are some of mine:

*Read my Bible daily- good stuff!
*Get taxes done (extensions are great, but you still have to do them eventually)
*Workout EVERY DAY IN MAY! Join me and commit here: “Every Day in MAY!”
*Get my house carpets cleaned
*Get my Van cleaned up- a detail would be nice

I’ve had a ton of e-mails and questions lately about my training program and what’s my “secret” if you are curious~ check out my article up on BB.com– check it out “Hormonal Timing”

I’ve had a great couple days of workouts!!!!!!

I had a killer leg worktout
Warm up tan and stairmill 5mins
Calf rasies
Leg press- just one set-it hurt my sciatic
Leg extensions
Leg curls
Smith Lunges
Butt Squats
Walking Lunges
ABS on lower back extesnsion machine and some lower back extensions too
Knee ups on roman chair

Then today was and another good one- I timed it and it was 1 hour total:

11mins on stairmill warm up with some intervals 55 floors total- lots of various movements and half the time I didn’t hold rails- I felt GREAT!

Chest Press
Bench dips
Flat bench Iso lateral Hammer Strength machine
Cable flys
Bicep pose down cable curls
Wide lat  pulls on cable- did these just cuz I was already hogging the machine 🙂
Abs: Knee ups on roman chair- 3 sets, hangning sit ups, lower back extensions

11mins on stair mill intevals- these were harder I held on the entire time- easy mins at 1min @ 6 hard at 8 for 2 mins last interval at 10 total floors 67

My plan for MAY is to attack!!! I am going to have a super month and HIT IT hard!!!  My birthday is about 43 days away and so it’s time to get serious about planing someting for it- I’ll be 35- a milestone….my celebration should ROCK!!!

Be Relentless~~



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