Early Morning!

Hey!! I’ve been slacking on my personal blogging so I thought I’d get it done first thing…actually not first thing- I’ve been up for about a half hour I’ve taken my resting heart rate- it was 50 today, drank 30oz. of HOT water, checked my e-mail, the coffee is brewing and the kids are getting ready for school ūüôā

I had a really nice cycle day 5 yesterday~ and I am KILLER¬†sore from my workout on Wednesday- so upon my hubby’s (who’s now been sick with the same flu for 2 days) wisdom I rested from my workout yesterday.¬† I’m very glad I did!¬† I would be dying today if I had worked out…thus, Legs/Booty are on tap today!

I’ve got several things I must take care of today since it’s the LAST¬†DAY¬†of the Month!!¬† WOW! can you believe it?¬† April isclosing down and May is on it’s way~ this year has been a blur to me until about now.¬† I expect the next 8 months to be VIVID!

Okay…I’ll be back to report my workout at some point- Hope you have a Fantastic VIVID FRIDAY!

Love Ya!!



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  1. Hi Michelle,
    This is Totally off topic but I just had to sit down and tell you how impressed I am with your two books, After Baby Abs and Hormonal Timing. I just received them in the mail today and while I have not read them yet I have scanned through the pages. WOW! What beautiful books and pictures. They seem to be so thorough. I cannot wait to get back home tonight and sit down and start reading. THANK YOU….also..Thank You for such timely shipping! :-)))

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