SX70- Week #3 MINI-Challenge

SX70- Week #3 MINI-Challenge

Hey Ya’ll What’s Up with you this week?? I am on fire and ready to get after it. ARE YOU?

Summer is just a few short weeks away…are you ready? I know I’m ready in my head for it, but my body has a little ways to go. Let’s keep the visions of us in our bikini front and center in our brains so that we STICK to our diet, workouts and supplementation routine. The COUNTDOWN to Summer is here!! Let’s rock it so we can really enjoy those HOT summer months in skimpy clothes.

Today marks the start of week #3 for me and I just noticed I have 57 days until my Birthday. That’s so MOTIVATING to me!! I want a rock hard, tight, cellulite free booty for my birthday this year and100 lunges daily this week will surely help me attain that “present”!!

This mini-challenge is one of my FAVORITES, lol!! To do 100 lunges a day takes mental and physical determination~ BUT I know you and I can do it!!!!

The way I approach the lunges are to use a VARIETY of types of lunges and to not get over zealous the first few days of the week. Most days I will opt to do just body weight lunges, but on my leg days I’ll add weight for sure.

Some variety of lunges you may want to try:

Stationary lunges
Walking lunges
Side lunges
Jumping lunges
Skater lunges
Jumping Skater lunges
Starter lunges
Box/Step lunges
Smith lunges
Forward lunges
Backward lunges
DB lunges
Barbell lunges
Russian lunges (lean way forward)

A key point to keep your lunges working your booty is to focus on using your front leg for the majority of the movement. And the KING of lunges for the booty have been shown to be WALKING lunges.

have fun doing your 100 a day!!
Rock that Booty!!!



13 Replies to “SX70- Week #3 MINI-Challenge

  1. wow….can’t wait to get some results from this week….i really need to push my legs…this will be rewarding!

  2. My DH says “whats the big deal?” so I am making him do them with me! haha! This week is gonna ROCK!!!

  3. I rounded up a few friends to do this with me…and we each keep upping the ante a little bit more each day. Adding reps, weights. longer strides, etc…
    Now we’ve even added some more women doing it with us!
    Thanks for the challenge AND the inspiration.

  4. Michelle, I actually do have a question. It is about cellulite. What would you say is the very best exercise to get rid of the cellulite in the thighs and butt? Or is it more a circuit of exercises? More reps…or add more weight?
    Thanks for you advice,

  5. Michelle….having trouble with the B/B calendar. It lets me enter info, but then “nothing”. Help?!?

  6. What browser are you using? you are the second person to mention that this week.
    It works for me on FIREFOX.


  7. LIFT!! It “SQUEEZES” the toxins out…and DIET- it’s key to cellulite.
    Try Drinking more water, eating more protein AND…
    Eliminate fake foods, artificial sweeteners, dairy, alcohol, and even wheat– you’ll notice your cellulite get way better if not disappear.

  8. Thanks Michelle…I already eat really good..I’m mostly vegan with some seafood, I drink on average a gallon of alkaline water a day, no alcohol, no dairy, no artificial anything. I do eat some I will eliminate wheat and I will try to get more protein in. The other thing I will do is more weights and heavier weights. I ordered your books and can’t wait to get them. THANKS!!

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