"Just Do It!”- WINNER!!

Just Do It!”- WINNER!! Lora of Canada!!

Congrats to our winner Lora for an amazing job in our “6 week Just Do It Contest!!!”

I am so proud of how she ATTACKED and came out VICTORIOUS!  Her First place Prize = a FREE 3 month membership to the Video Coaching Area (www.buffmother.com/videocoaching)- a $125 value!!

TESTS Start Test Date___1/18___ Start score End Test Date___3/01___ End score Changes
Height 67.25 in (5’7.25”) 67.25 in (5’7.25”) same
Weight 154.4 148.6 -5.8#!!!
Bust 35.5 35 -.5 in
Waist 28.5 27.5 -1 in
Hips 39.25 38.25 -1 in
Thigh 22.5 347.4 22 338.6 -.5 in (-8.8)
Balance Right Foot 3 min 17 sec 5 min – then arms too tired
Balance Left Foot 3 min 43sec 7 min 5 min 2 sec – then arms dead 10 min +3 min
Jump 100 in – minus height of 87in 13 in 102 in – minus height of 87 in 15 in +2 in
Sit ups 21.5 21.5 33 33 +11.5
Push ups 15 15 30 30 +15
½ mile run 4 min 14 sec 4.23 min 3 min 51 sec 3.85 min – 23 sec
Other Illiac – 8mm

Tricep – 20 mm

Thigh – 24 mm

Illiac – 5.5 mm

Tricep – 17.5 mm

Thigh – 19 mm

-2.5 mm

-2.5 mm

-5 mm

Score totals 408.13 430.45

Basic info

Lora Carter
Northampton, New Brunswick, Canada

Age- 26
Mother of 3 girls ages5, 4,and 15 months

Lost 6#  and increased in Fitness!!

Your Thoughts

Are you happy with your results?

Yes!! I am encouraged to keep going knowing that I am not stuck with the way I look now.  These past 6 weeks, I have been rewarded with real weight lose without starving myself.  I am also way stronger now, then I have been in a long time.

Did you surprise yourself during any portion of the contest?

Yes, I was so surprised at my weight and caliper readings that I had to take them several times.  Also, I am starting boosting right now, so I am not at my skinniest but I can tell that things are changing.

Did you enjoy this type of contest? Why?

Yes.  I think it is great to have a contest where you can compete with yourself.  I plan on doing this contest again in the future.

Any other thoughts input ideas revelations you’d like to share?

I would like to first thank my Lord Jesus Christ for giving me life, health and breath in HIM.  Without these things given to each of us as a gift we could do nothing.  Each of us has to find what works best for us.  Up until I started actually tracking my cycles and started really making use of the Buffing and Boosting stages, I did not see large changes.  I would like to encourage others who may be struggling to learn to chart their cycles and keep track of what they are eating.  Once you start doing this you can make use of your hormone cycle.



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