Starting week #2- SX70!!

Hey HOT Mammas!! I am so ready to be sexy…just about another 64 days and I will be, lol!!  I will also be 35….isn’t that a cool coincidence?!  My birthday is on the 14th of June…the day after we complete the “Sexy in 70!”

Here’s my plan for the second week of the “Sexy in 70!” contest (BTW- you can join us during the entire month of April- it’s fun and free, simply sign up here:

Sun- off; Church; rest

M- run outside- am fasted; Lift chest, back, bi, tris, abs

Tu- lift legs

W- run

Th- upper body

F- run

Sa-lift legs


Today….I Ran hard outside and felt really good.  I ran fast and hard and got some good lactic acid production at the end of the run 🙂
then I ate, did some stuff and then hit the gym for an upper body workout:

Chest press
Pull ups-10 (underhand)
Bench Press
Side Crunches- knees up on bar laying on bench– 1 set of 20 each side
Knee ups- roman chair-15 front, 15rt side, 15left side
Tricep Extensions one set with bench bar 45x10reps
cybex lat pulls
knee ups on bench
2sets 10 front; 10 each side
pull ups- 7 (underhand)
Lower back extensions 2 setsx30 reps

Hammer flat bench

Ab wheel 15x2sets

Pull ups- over hand- 6

Bicep Curls machine
50×5 + 45×10
lateral raises+front raises
10#platesx15+10 x2sets

After this workout I was BEAT!  I can really tell that I am needing to “get into shape’…that’s the plan for this chick over the next 3 weeks. To INCREASE my fitness level!!

I also had a chance to spend a little time in the sun today~ boy was it beautiful out!!  I just love this weather- no humidity, no bugs and not too hot!

Let’s kick some TAIL this week ladies!!




7 Replies to “Starting week #2- SX70!!

  1. You know, this second week has gone better then I thought it would. Sugars are still out, thankful for that, and I had no bread – of any kind. My weight has dropped a pound and a half in four days, I am not sure if that is due to consistancy or because of the lack of gluten. Guess we’ll find out next week. I really like where I am headed and will continue on its path!

  2. since we were gone for a week i missed the start of the no bread challenge. But now that we’re back i’m on it as of yesterday! Will see what happens 🙂

  3. I feel great Michelle! Didn’t cut out bread totally, but limited to once a day. Abs are less puffy!

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