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57 Replies to “Sexy in 70

  1. I know.. I know! I never fully finish… but at least I’m persistent! School is almost done and I WILL finish this contest! 😀 LOL!

  2. I have started a hundred times and never finished. Not any more . . . I’m ready!!!!!
    Good luck everyone.

  3. I haven’t been real good at commenting on my 40 day challenge, but I’ve got a real goal now and am ready to really commit!

  4. I am so ready to get in excellent shape and have only been successful in not completing anything related to my health and body image. All that is about to change over this challenge; this will be my first challenge with buffmother, but I am looking for supreme results.

  5. I did the 40 days to fit challenge and loved it! Unfortunately, after vacations and hectic get back to work routine, I have fallen out of my good exercise habits. Here’s to finishing the 70 day challenge at my most fit yet!

  6. Michelle, you inspired me a lot a few years ago when I can across your website, but I had a HARD couple of years and forgot to take care of myself. I’m so excited to be a part of this! I recently had my fourth child, and I can’t wait to get Sexy in 70!

  7. I sometimes join your contests – but somehow lose momentum. THIS TIME it is different! I WILL be different! I am going to DO THIS! I am so very excited. Getting my calendar marked up and looking forward to the exercises! Now that I am running again – this can complement what I am already doing. I like the fact that it is NOT 6-7 days of training…lol.
    Thanks for all the emails – even for those of us who “lurk” the word is still getting out!

  8. O.k!
    Now, it’s time! Yes! I’m in, I want to really feel great about my body this summer!
    And it’s a perfect way to do this: commit myself to this goal, and being “surrounded” by other women… share the effort, and share the joys and satisfaction of achieving our goal!

  9. Aww, too cool! My UFC shirt has a hole in it already but my TC shirt is still going strong! LOL! Did your UFC shirt rip yet?

  10. Just had twin boys October 27th (which are number 3 and 4 for me) and was looking for inspiration on when I came across your page and this contest. My body is not bouncing back like it did in the first 2 pregnancies so I’m excited to join this contest and see what I can do. I got a gym membership last week as well. I’m stoked!

  11. I work out 5-6 days a week and cant seem to see anymore definition! I can’t wait to see some new workout tips as I may just need to switch up some of my workouts!

  12. I cannot wait to begin and successfully complete this challenge. It will give me the perfect inspiration and motivation to prepare for my very first figure competition.

  13. Hey Michelle! I will be out of the state until the 11th, so I will officially be 1 week behind the rest, but will do my absolute best to eat right and get as much walking in as I can. Gonna be scouting some campuses so, I am sure the aerobic exercise will be had. Can’t wait to join in!


  14. Me too! I have started so many challenges and lose momentum by the 3rd week. Gonna do this this time!!! Good luck!

  15. This is the challenge I need to really kick my butt into shape. This will be my first contest with BuffMother and is something I’m really looking forward to. I WILL be one HOT lookin’ grandma on the beach this summer!!

  16. You are free to enter any time in April! I want everyone to be able to join in so they can be sexy by summmer!!
    Just sign up when you are ready to start 🙂

  17. The key is to finish regardless of if you got the exact results you wanted. Make the goal to FINISH no matter what!!

  18. You are such an inspiration! Last April I returned from a Mexico vacation and was shocked to see the pictures. After flip flopping over the summer, I saw your pictures and was so motivated to get fit. I have had three c-sections and was convinced I couldn’t get my stomach flat but I’ve done it! I have lost 24lbs and have gone from a size 7/8 to a 2. I am joining your challenge because I feel like I’m at a plateau and my abs certainly don’t look like yours! My legs are thinner but I need help! I love the definition in my arms and my husband says I’m the hotter now than in my 20’s. yahoo!

  19. I am so excited about this contest! Now that I am back to being a full time stay at home mom, I will have plenty of time to rock this contest with all of you!

  20. I am excited to start the sexy in 70 with you all! YAY!!! 2 boys ( ages 5 and 1) and 2 c-sections….I am excited to get my sexy back 🙂 I lost 20 lbs since the birth of my second son but, the c-section tummy buldge just wont budge 🙂 On day one, i worked out hard and now today….a bit sore….but gotta love the soreness, it is a indiciation of hard work 🙂 Good luck to you all and I am anxious to work with you all… wishing you great results. Ps. Michelle….you know what i think would be a huge motivator? Although, we all HATE to submit pics of ourselves and stats publicly…i think that would be a huge motivator…for me at least. If we all had to post our beginner pics and stats and then at end re-post results pics and stats. Keeps you honest 🙂 Just an idea!!! 🙂 xxoo

  21. I am a mother of 3 and I do workout all the time…I just need a little EXTRA motivation to get me to vacation time! I just finished a half marathon on 3/28 and I am doing my first sprint triathlon on 4/18…super excited about that, except for maybe the swimming which I am not really prepared for! 🙂

    I love challenges and competitions to keep me motivated…plus baby #3 will be a year old in a month and I wanna be that Mommy on the beach in June that they look at and say, “She has 3 kids?!?”

    Is that bad??? LOL!

  22. Girl….I’m so excited that I can still start in April! I’ve been teaching boot camp but that ends the first week of May. I’m looking forward to having the momentum to continue on plugging away with you!!! Loved your books too!!!!!!!!!!! Such great info. and I can so feel the “hormones” when they are hitting and I am not hard on myself anymore! Thanks Lady!!! YOU ROCK!~Karla

  23. You are not really late… just a week behind many of us. I actually have the contest open for anyone to start all of APRIL!

  24. Sorry about needing surgery 🙁
    It seems you are going into it with the right mindset! Keep focusing on the positives!!

  25. Starting a week late. Was discouraged due to news about having to have surgery . . . dusted off my hormonal timing book, put on my Buff Mother tee-shirt and PMA and I’m going to go for it! I’m going to be sexy and healthy even though I have to have surgery! So excited to see where this journey will take me!

  26. I am starting late also because I was so sick for the first part of April. But, I am so excited about this challenge and I am so ready to feel good in a bathing suit again. Go Team Buffmother!!!!!!!

  27. you should get e-mails that will guide you through the 70 days…we started the 70 days in April- feel free to browse through the archives for the posts:

  28. can you post the link of where the 70 day challenge starts so i (late starter) can start with week 1? thanks!! excited!

  29. Oh I am still in my 1 st challenge with you 40day fit but I need a little extra push as I just got engaged and wanna be a HOTT SEXY bride!!

  30. Roller Derby is over in a week so I think I will be much more successful now than the first Sexy in 70! Just what I need to stay in shape over summer!

  31. Hey Michelle,
    Are you going to be in Vegas for UFC over Memorial Day? Just thought I would see if you were going to be able to make the trip.
    Take Care – Angela

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