Celebration Day!

All day I’ve been Celebrating being done with my first batch of TAXES!! Late yesterday I finally completed my 2008 taxes~Yippie!!
Yoga/pilates have been on my mind today…tons of people have told me to do them to help my back/hips/butt issues and I think I’ll try a class today; it should be a good change of pace for me since it’s been 3 years since the last time I took any class at the gym! I tend to stay away from them becuase I get too competitive and end up hurting myself, lol! What’s your favorite class to take at your gym? Mine isn’t at my dayt to day gym…it’s at a Fighting gym- TCB in Rogers, AR…the women’s MMA Class rocks!! My trainer; Lylna (pronounced: LENA), actually just won our local ToughMan tournament this past weekend. She’s a little pitbull!

Anyhow…I plan to go to workout AFTER my kiddos get home from school which is in about 30 mins. I’ve been busy writing training programs all day~ so I can’t wait to get away from this computer!

I’ll be back later to post what I ended up doing.



P.S. Last Call!! If you want to join our 2010 BuffMother! Contest TEAM, this you last chance. I am not taking any new competitors after 3-15~ We have a great team of women started already…we’d love for you to join us~ Don’t miss your chance to join us!!



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