Do you have Energy? Or NRG?

HI!!! How’s everyone doing today?  I am good and being good….I’ve rested from working out since Sunday~ and I’ve been icing my back too….improvement with my back seems slow in coming.  I may go get it adjusted at the Chiropractor today or tomorrow.  Anyhow, I am not missing my workouts much and have been feeding of off your awesome progress and posts!! So many of you are really inspiring me with your hard work and determination.

The past few days I’ve been working on my contest training programs. I had forgotten how EXCITED it makes me to train others!! I really do love it!! I am truly blessed to get to do what I do!!  The ladies on our TEAM are going to ROCK the gym as the prep and ROCK the stage big time this year!! I LOVE IT!!

Did you know I am a huge supporter of NRG brand fitness supplements?.  My good friend Joshua Smith started the company and has been a big time supporter of BuffMother!  He’s been “sponsoring” me with supplements for past several months and put together this cool flyer that he’ll distribute at the ARNOLD the first weekend in MARCH!  Isn’t’ it cool? If you click on the picture it’ll bring you to the NRG Website.

I like the 3 items shown on the flyer (stinger-energy shot, maxx pump- creatine pills- I’m taking them currently, Greens supplement-which I typically take during buffing) and several others:
Liver maxx
Overdose- PRE workout creatine product- it’s not as CRAZY stimulating as NO explode
and MAXXTraXtion- their “water release” supplement

I have yet to try the new digestion one…but I plan on taking that soon!!

Anyhow…I am off to get some more training programs put together. I’ll strive to catch up with you all later this afternoon!!




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