Ice, Ice Baby!

Iced my back first thing this morining…amazingly it really helps, lol! If I get desparate enough, an ICE BATH is on the horizon. Have YOU ever taken an ice bath because you were so desperate to heal your injuries???

I actually have gone in up to my upper thighs many times, but don’t remember if I’ve gone up to my waist in the past.  It terrifies me to think of how COLD I’d get from it!

Anyhow…I’m having a good day so far.

MY Plan for the remainder:



Have any of you heard of Urban Directory?  Well, last night I tried to submit a definition for BuffMother to that site and it was REJECTED~ anyhow here it is in case you are curious:

Ubran Dictionary: Tried but DENIED submitting this..

definition of: BuffMother

BuffMother is a person- Michelle Marie Berger born June 14th, 1975. She had 4 kids in 4 years including twins via c-section, but is now living proof that you can be Buff and beautiful after children. In 2005 She founded BuffMother LLC and to spread her message of hope to all women. She is also the author of 2 books “Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved by BuffMother!” and “After Baby ABS by BuffMother”. Often times BuffMother is followed by an exclamation point (!) and said with a slang pronunciation of BuffMutha!

examples:, Team BuffMother!, Man she’s a BuffMother!, by BuffMother!

tags: fitness, diet, abs, exercise, hormonal timing, weight loss success story

Love ya!!




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  1. Yea ive heard of Urban Dictionary,it’s a pretty great site actually. Try submitting this instead: Buffmother–Hot,Sexy,MILF, Mother,friend,Fantasy Woman,Hard Worker– or something along those lines. Hope I helped in someway. Good luck.

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