SuperStar Success 2009 ~ Finalist Natasha T.

Natasha T

Children: 6 and 4

Age: 34

Date 9/14

Age: 34

Height: 5’8.5”

Weight: 137-132 (-5!!)

Bust (around the biggest part, women only): 33 – 31.75 (-1.25)

Chest 33- 32 (-1)

Waist (the smallest part): 27.5 -26.25 (-1.25)

Hips (the largest part): 36- 35 (-1)

Shoulders (around the outside of your shoulders with your arms at sides): 41-39 (-2)

Biceps (relaxed at midpoint of upper arm): 11-10 (-1)

Thigh (8” above Knee cap): 22-21 (-1)

Calf (7” below knee joint): 14 
- 13 (-1)

I entered the Super Star Success contest because I was ready for a true change.  I have weighed the same almost my entire life (or since high school anyway) but I have never lifted weights!  I have run several half marathons, spent hours on end in cardio classes at the gym and never seen a difference in my body!  It was time for a change.  Michelle was so inspiring knowing she has had 4 kids including a set of twins!  I love the strong lean look and I could never get there.  I was always so fearful of bulking up because that is what we are taught as little girls!

The tactics I used were for starters THE RALLY ROOM!  I could not have done it without that accountability!  I blogged a ton and that helped me so much to stay accountable!  Everyone was very helpful and encouraging through both good and bad times! The second tactic was my Buff Trainer-Deb Gray! SHE WAS AMAZING! She was very patient as she tried to explain the different things she wanted me to  do and how to do them.  She was truly excellent—thanks Deb!  I feel like she was a great trainer but also a great friend!  We got to talk and pray for each other which was such a blessing!

I feel REALLY GREAT about my success. I think images and stats show the changes I have made in my body.  For someone who has been a workout freak her entire life and NEVER seen a difference—this was so huge for me!  I truly feel great about my accomplishments! I worked out 5-6 every week (except my trip to NYC) and I totally changed what I ate but didn’t have to starve myself!  I actually felt more full with all the protein!

I had one big obstacle and that was my breast lump. I went thru a painful biopsy but with good results!!  Again, I had the RR and Deb to pray me through it and encourage me to stop and smell the roses in my life.

Buffmother is a true inspiration to me!  I tell EVERYONE about Buffmother and the changes I have made in myself!  It is crazy to have a friend walk up to you after not seeing you in 4 weeks and ask “What are you doing—you look amazing!” I always just say, “You have to go check out Buffmother—she is my true inspiration.”  The thing that I like most about Michelle (besides the fact that she has truly discovered the secret to a great body AFTER KIDS) is the fact that she is real!  She has good days and bad days…she has sick kids..she makes mistakes..but she is just so real about it all!  You can tell she is close to God and very content with where He has placed her and the job he gave her to reach as many women as she can!  Thanks Michelle.



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