1st Day Back!


Hey all, it was my first day back at the gym today in 8 days…felt good to be back to doing something 🙂 But frustrating because I am at only about 70%.  My left sciatic is such a bugger!  My back is much, much better but my BUTT is SLOWLY healing up. 

In fun news I got my hair done today and my hair lady is pregnant, she’s having a little baby boy!  I think that rocks!!

Anyhow, I toyed with the idea to do my testing today, but it didn’t happen.  I plan to go ahead and do a set of test tomorrow, but will be substituting for the run for sure.  I may then opt for doing it for real on friday.  By then I should know better on if it would KILL me or not! Tomorrow will tell me a lot on where I am at with my health.

Here’s what I did;

warn up 4 mins
chest press
90x10x3 sets
1 light set leg curls- just to test my butt- it hurt a bit
stretching side of hip between sets

bench press
some abs, stretching, dips, in between sets

wide flat bench Hammer Strength machinw
leg raises between sets 10 on each leg

Chest fly machine 60x10x3 sets
Standing side leg raises between sets

back extensions and some abs on the back extension machine

Walk/run on treadmill 14 mins total- run only at 6mph and for 8mins total

r-bike another 8 mins

Stretching/rehab exercises

Press up on tummy to stretch abs and low back strenghtening
Streth glutes/hips
Hip flexor stretch
laying adductor v-s- these hurt even on the Adduciton part- that’s new
laying side leg circles
standing leg rotations
back bends

That was it!!

Food was 100% perfect.

I’m heading to bed early tonight, I didn’t sleep well at all last night!



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