Super Star Success 2009 – 2nd Place Winner!

Name: Holly
Number of children and ages: 2 sons, ages 3 and 1
Age: 37

Starting Height:   5’1.5                       Ending Height: 5’1.5
Weight: 117lbs                                Weight: 106
Bust: 37″                                         Bust: 35″
Waist: High 25.5″ Low 28.5″            Waist: High 25″ Low 28″
Hips:   34″                                         Hips: 32.5″

Body fat 16%                                     Body fat 15%

Why did you enter the SSS contest by BuffMother?

I wanted to continue making progress on my weight loss and it was an extra challenge to keep me motivated and accountable.

What tactics did you use to stay focused and engaged for the entire 70 days?
I adhered to a very strict diet mostly out of neccessity for my nursing son’s allergy restrictions. The whole ordeal really changed my relationship with food. My activity was always high, whether working out or by making every movement count during the day when a workout wasn’t in the mix. Daily affirmations, food/exercise/HT journal and positive self-talk kept me on track.
How do you feel about your success?
I’m pleased that I far surpassed my weight loss goals…but disappointed that my diet restrictions kept me from reaching the muscle tone and strength that I was striving for. I’m happy to be in a size 2 again but looking forward to the next phase of resculpting my body.
What obstacles did you have to overcome in order to attain your goals?
Time and energy! With my 3 year old gaining a new sense of…ummm…independence, and my 1 year old’s health issues, it was alot of chaos and attention on everyone else but me. The really tough times were just being so darn hungry and tired and overwhelmed. Being on such a strict allergin-free diet really was a challenge not just in willpower, but with creativity.
What would you like to tell the world about BuffMother?

BuffMother is the ultimate support system! There is so much love and understanding and cheerleading in the Rally Room, which has just been a blessing. It’s a place where we can all learn from one another and have fun and be honest with our shortcomings and obstacles. BuffMother offers insight, personal challenge, and accountability.



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