No more seafood for this gal!

Last night I got to go out on a wonderful date with my hubby, we ate at bonefish and I had the Ahi Tuna appetizer for my meal…That was not a good idea!  I woke up this morning early feeling very nauseous and in retrospect have realized almost every time I eat seafood (shrimp, crablegs, ahi tuna) I get ILL!  So, no more seafood for me!

It’s now 2pm and I just ate my first real food of the day and am finally able to get something done.  I think I’m feeling well enough to do a workout after the kids get home on the bus.  My plan is to lift chest, tris and run.

I meant to post more about our contest yesterday, but didn’t get it done, SORRY!!  We had ATT U-verse install and that cause me to miss much of my work time… Plus DH and I couldn’t pass up a chance to have a DATE!  Grandma Mary so kindly watched the kids so we could go out…she’s leaving next Monday, so this was one of our last chances to have a free sitter 🙂  I’ll miss her when she goes back to MN!

Yesterday did turn out to be a great workout day, I had my MMA class and went to the gym for a Back, Shoulder and Biceps workout plus stairmill intervals!

Here’s sorta how the workout went:

MMA class- 10 mins jump rope, 20mins punching/kicking and some kneeing of the bags. Then grappling drilling and some free rolling.

Paired circuits- buffing

Lat pulls/shoulder press

One arm DB Rows/ T- bar rows

Bicep Curls/ lateral raises

Seated rows/upright rows/hammer bicep curls

I also did some lower back extensions and a bit of abs

20mins of Stair mill intervals- hard mins at level 8; easy at 6

I sure hope all of you are having a better start to your day than I have…nothing worse than nausea!

Love ya,



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