Great day! Heck it's been a great YEAR!

Today has been a GREAT Day!! As a matter of fact it’s been a great year so far for me!  I’ve just been HAPPY, Happy, HAPPY for the most part!

Jan 1-The year started on Friday with a great day spent with my DH~ we had spen NYE in a hotel and then the entire rest of the day together, thanks to Grandma Mary watching our little monkeys for us….
Jan 2– I went to workout and brought the girls shopping to target where I scored some much needed sweat pants and a few shirts!! Then  we had another great day of family time and football and FIGHTS~ we ended up purchasing the UFC despite the card being really bad- Dana White needs to put together some better cards!!  or he’s going to lose some of his fan base!
Jan 3– Super Football SUNDAY!!!  I was so happy that the Vikinings played and KICKED tail!! then the Cowboys kicked the EAGLES tail so that the Vikings got a better playoff position- YAY!! (oh an it was cycle day 1)
Jan 4– I worked, got caught up on a lot of stuff, enjoyed it and even enjoyed the kids still being home from school due to the snow day- I went to the chiro and got my butt feeling better~ then I got in a good interval workout on the upright bike. 
Jan 5–’s GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY!! It’s been 5 years of AWSOME!  I’ve loved being able to give hope to women all over the world ~ God has really blessed my life through my website!  I also went to my MMA class~ It was another BLAST!! I love it~ we actually did some semi-live rolling and I feel like I did very good!  IT WAS FUN!!! Then to the gym to get in a run  and lift with chest…I am still dealing with my butt being weird, but it’s definantly better than before I went to the chiro.
Jan 6 – It’s almost 9pm and I just got home from the gym…my workout was way later than planned, but that is better than not getting it done.

My weight is up to 135 ….crazy but I feel good!  I am not fretting my weight right now because I know a bunch of it is water weight from all sorts of things: salt, carbs, carbonation, wheat, dairy, hormones, creatine, etc…

cday 1- 131
cday 2- 133
cday 3- 135 (weight up from STEAK dinner and CARBS)

Okay…On to my to do list issues.  Yesterday I planned to write a to do list, well….it really didn’t happen.  I got a start on it and then i got “paralyzed” by it.  My list is way to long!  I need help!!!  I think for the rest of today I’ll focus hard on getting a bit more “caught Up” with my e-mails and by tomorrow I may be ready to focus on a to do list.  My hormones should be cooperating better on cycle day 4~ my mental HIGH days are coming soon, I can feel it!!!!

here’s a quick POA for my workouts the remainder of the week:

Thurs- MMA class at noon
Fri-Chiro appt @10:30; Back,sh, bi and run intervals
Sat-chest, tris, abs
Sunday- run intervals

Hope all of you are having a GREAT 2010, I sure am!!

Love and THANKS!!




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