Golden Anniversary – 5 years!

It’s my 5 year anniversary today!!! went online 5 years ago today!!! WOW!!

And what a journey it’s been.

I am back from “vacation” and fired up to start my new year today~ I am going to start the day off with writing a TO DO list…and YES it will be HUGE!!! Then my plan is to whittle it down to about 5 actionable items and get them DONE!!  This week will be a bunch of “catching up” but I am up for the task and actually relieved.  The past 3 weeks “off” has taught me I need to be busy or I go a bit stir crazy, lol!!

I’ve taken the last 3 out of 4 days off of working out due to the holiday and my booty issues.  I’m not so sure that time off is helping it feel better??  I wonder if sitting on my butt makes it actually worse, lol!  So the plan today is to go ahead and do a workout, then I’ll head to the chiro at about 2:15 to get a professional’s opinion on the situation. 

It’s been a blast to see and read so many of your AWESOME posts these past few days about how excited you are to get after your fitness goals again!! I love that excitement!!  YOU fire me up to want to go workout BIG TIME!!  Let’s keep that excitment HIGH!!!

A great way that I keep my mojo is to strive to comment on blogs …it keeps my mind engaged and exictied about having other friends that share my common mission to be a good example!!  I love it!!  Catching up with all of my friends in the Rally Room will be in one of the top spots on my TO DO LIST today!!

God Bless you!!!
Love, Michelle



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  1. Congratulations on your fifth year. You are leading by example…which is completely AWESOME! Thanks for the encouragement!

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