Jan 2nd- Time to Live, Love and Laugh

Well, the NEW YEAR is hear and I’m UBER excited about all the possibilites.  I’ve been thinking about some resoulutions and some of my GOALS.  I am not much of a creature of habit so I don’t typically think about resolving to change my habits or …I think more about how I’d like to attain certain goals 🙂 My resoulutions tend to be more like GOALS than resoutions.

I have a ton of fitness goals for the year, much of which involve KEEPING the fitness level that I have now.  The SSS conetest really catapulted me back to a fitness level where I can confidently say I AM IN SHAPE!!  I love it, but in order to stay there I have to keep working out about 6 days a week …so that’s a goal of mine.  Another fitness goal is to keep on learning and doing my MMA training.  I love it!! it’s been a great additon and SPARK to my fitness~ I am SUPER excited about it!!  The noon class at TCB on Tues and Thursdays has fit perfectly into my life and I plan to keep going!!

Most of my other goals are NOT fitness based…they are business based, relationship based and spiritaully based.  I want to attain the next level in every area of my life and I KNOW It’s possible through hard work and discipline. 2009 taught me a ton about these areas and about how disappointments and STRESS can make life really suck.  I learned that much of the STRESS I was dealing with was self impossed and UNNECESSARY!!  I believe that over the past few months I’ve learned to LET GO!  and I plan to continue on with that mindset in 2010 and beyond~ it’s time to LIVE, LOVE AND LAUGH!!

My plan for the weekend is to get in a couple workouts- I’ve missed the past 2 days…and also watch some football (VIKINGS), hang with my DH and kids, make some lists, journal a bit and get ready to ROCK the upcoming year and week ahead!! 

Happy happy new decade!! I’ll be Kicking tail again in 2010!!



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  1. I could not agree with you more on Live, Love and Laugh. 2010 will be a great year for our family. I am really enjoying every minute of the day. Thanks for everything. You are awesome.

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