"wanting to" becomes DOING IT!

9 days till Christmas!!  and Grandma is on her way….my kids are so excited!!!  I am excited too, but have lots and lots to do before the holiday!  I was engulfed in Gracie’s birthday and now I am prepping for my “day in the life photo-story” interview with the paper on Friday, that I must force myself to get some FOCUS on Christmas! 

Anways guess what????

After years of “wanting to” I finally did it! I took my first MMA class…it was so fun!!!  For those of you who don’t know….MMA is mixed martial arts…are you familiar with the UFC?  it’s basically training that encompasses boxing, kick-boxing, grappling (wrestling), ground fighting, submissions, etc…
We did some mitt hitting/boxing training yesterday 🙂

And today I am sore in weird places from it, like my rib cage?  and CALVES! wow- we did some major jumping drills.  Let me see if I can remember what we did:

tabata intervals 20 sec on; 10 sec off 5 rounds of each exercise:

Staight punches on heavy bag
Kettle ball squat/front raises- 15# KB one arm each round- I should have gone a little heavier on these
Hooks on heavy bag
Squats on Med ball as fast as possible- hands up by face- man that’s low!

Kicks on heavy bag
Jumps touching knees to palms- these were totally killer!

Mitt hitting with trainer (3 or 4 rounds total)- learned how to do several combinationsusing the following: jab, straight, cross, hook, uppercut

While the other girl hit with trainer I did coordination training with:
Double end speed bag
Speed bag

Then we watched a video of the trainer’s fight she had over the weekend…it was very cool to see!  She’s a little firecracker!

After the training I went directly to the gym…I lifted a little back, bi, shoulder and abs then ran intervals on the tready

Assisted pull ups (2 sets)
paired with weighted roman chair knee ups (20 pound DB between feet)- 15, 10+more unweighted

Cybex Lat pulls- 3 sets
paired with knee ups on bench

hammer strength bicep curl machine 3 sets
paired with shoulder press machine- 3 sets

Bicep focus inverted pull ups (2 sets)
paired with T-bar Row- 2 sets

abs on ball 2 sets
paired with db bicep curls 2 sets

20 min running intervals at 8, 9 and a couple at 9.5mph rest mins off for 20 sec then 40sec at 7mph

Well, i am off to clean, shop and workout before Grandma arrives…she spent the night in Council Bluffs so she’ll be here in around the time the kids get home.

Have a super stellar day!!





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  1. I am approaching this with much skepticism and crying. I have tried so many things. I am soooooo very frustrated. I use to be a gym rat but after my 3rd pregnancy I had post portum depression that went undiagnosised for 2 yrs. Then put on anti-depressents. I went from a size 5-6 to a 16 in 6 months. I am at a 14 now. But I am so tired of being tired and over weight. I have lost weight and gotten in shape it in the past but now I have no energy to even just walk. I would very much like to try this product but The most important question i need to know is about the supplements Hormnal Timing. I recently have had a Hysterectomy and no longer cycle. Would you still recommend this supplement and also I am on a restricted Estrogen intake. Does this supplement have estrogen in it and / or convert to estrogen? I look forward to working with you and joining the SSS challenge after the 1st of the year and meeting ladies in the RR.
    Tired of being sick and tired,

  2. Hi Michelle, I just discovered your blog and look forward to reading through your past posts. Glad that I discovered your site!

  3. I would love to try an MMA class!! Sounds like so much fun! My husband and I are huge UFC fans! High five to you Miss Michelle!

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