Totally Terrific!

Life is Totally Terrific!! for me~ Except that…2 days in a row I’ve caused a computer glitch and lost my entire blog post! ACK!!!! I am saving this NOW before anything happens to it!!

I did chest/tri/abs on Mon with a pb of 155×1- the very very first time in my life I’ve ever benched that much all by myself!!  135x7times was another pb that day.  I did abs really hard too and ran intervals on the treaddy.  Weight was 132

Yesterday I did legs.

Today is Back/sh/Biceps and running intervals- my weight this am is 131 and it’s cday 5-  I am down 4 pounds since last Wed– HORMONES!!

The sent the SSS2 entries are TOTALLY AWESOME!!  Yesterday I forwarded them to the judges, so we should have the winner decided by next MONDAY!! Watch for the announcement!!

Have a Totally Terrific Day!!



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