Now is the time to read!

The first batch of SSS contest entries hit my mailbox today!!! YAY!!  I love reading them!! Thanks so much for all your hard effort and determination to get results~ you all are very inspiring to me!  NOW is the time to READ them and For me to read a book.  I am trying to stay off the computer as much as possible this week of “vacation”…so I picked up 3 books at the library. A novella by Francine Rivers about Bathsheba, a book about Alternative medicine and “the Anti-Aging Zone” by Sears.  I haven’t read a novel in years.  The last time was when I was pregnant with the twins~ 7 years ago actually!  That’s too long, so NOW is the time to READ!

I’ve had a decent weekend, but NO PICS or stats…On Thursday I started some new supplements for my Kidneys and Bladder.  And guess what, I gained 5 pounds of water weight instantly~ It’s also ovulation time, so I decided that I’ll push my photos to Wed or Thurs of this week instead.  That should give me time to shed the water and get back to where my pictures will show the results I KNOW I’ve attained over these 10 weeks.

My workouts finished out strong this week~ on Friday Travis and I did a GREAT Chest/Tricep workout and even RAN intervals afterward, YAY!! Then yesterday I did a really nice leg’s a quick recap of that:

Dead Lifts
BB Lunges
leg extensions
leg curls
Calf Raises
Smith Butt Squats
Smith Lunges
Knee ups several sets (even some with a DB between my feet)

Then last night we watched UFC and today we watched the Vikings!! Go FAVRE!!! I love that they are doing so great this year.

Tomorrows workout plan is to do Back, Sh, Biceps and Run…The weather is GREAT here so I’ll run outside, and I’ll go to the gym with the kids for weights.
I really need to come up with a “plan” for this week with the kids and for Turkey Day, but tonight I am not energetic enough to think that hard, lol!  I’ll work on that tomorrow!!

Have a great one ladies!  And Keep the contest entries coming in!!



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