Now is the time to Focus!

Do you have ADD?  I think I might…It’s induced by having children.  I think God actually gives women ADD when they become mothers.  We have to have it otherwise the daily interruptions, screams for help, “emergencies” and  accidents would throw us over the edge!  I embrace my ADD to a certain extent, but sometimes I’d like to SHUT IT OFF and just FOCUS!  Now that my kids are all in elementary school during the day…i have time to myself, I have time to FOCUS!  Now is the time for me to FOCUS!!

My current focus is a lot about getting CENTERED and RE-Igniting my FAITH and Passion for my God given purpose in life.  I’ve had a rough year and life has battered me a bit. I believe it’s made me stronger, YET it’s caused me to loose FOCUS on why I do what I do.  I’ve lost focus on my “WHY”…I need it again and plan to spend the remainder of this 2009 Focused on getting my FOCUS back!

That said I’ve decided I need to “wait’ on truly OPENING up for training until the new year.  I have too much going on~ THE SLAVE DRIVER in me needs to allow myself THIS TIME to FOCUS more on ME!

My POA for today got a bit messed up because of my workout last night lacking proper SUPPORT- Support from 2 sports bras that is…I have to wear 2 sports bras when I run.  AND I left for the gym with out my extra one last night~ I was PUMPED to run, but couldn’t do it BOUNCING all over tar-nation!  I did get in good intervals on the elliptical instead.

Here’s my workout from last night:
Tan for 9mins and r-bike 5 mins
Chest press

Lat pulls
one set of knee ups on bench

Bench Press
one set of push ups 12 reps
crunches on bench with feet up on bar

8, 7
incline sit ups

Incline Chest Press

Bicep curls

20 mins of even min intervals on the elliptical (7 HARD minutes)
Pull ups10

my diet was lower carb yesterday, but no greens.  I’ll get some in today for sure!:
PPPPP- eggs, chicken, protein shake,
FFF -sausage, sunflower seeds, oil

Today’s POA- fasted cardio-  warm up on elliptical 10 mins; run intervals 20mins; steady cardio on u-bike 10-20 mins and MAYBE Legs in the pm…I may wait and shif them to tomorrow though 🙂

The extra Focus I’ve been putting on running/intervals and eating lower carb is paying off in the mirror and on the scale. This moring I was 126 on cycle day 8~ I expect to be under 125 by the time I take my pics and stats for the end of the SSS contest!! :whoohoo:  I AM GETTING MORE FIT all the time!~!!  I promise it does work if you work it and it’s worth the pain and effort!!!





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