Now is the time for TRUTH!

Over the past several months, TRUTH has been a recurring theme in my life. What is the TRUTH about a situation, a circumstance, a thought or a perspective?  TRUTH is hard to pin down.  Even when we believe that something is TRUE, it may or may not be true at all??  The world is not black and white…TRUTH is elusive.  Our minds can trick us into believing something is true that is utterly false.  Satan (the DEVIL) – the ultimate deceiver- loves to attack us which makes our search for the TRUTH even more elusive.

I have discovered that TRUTH is dependent…what is TRUE to one person is not True to others.  What is TRUE in one situation is not often true in another almost exact situation.  Truth in life is dependent on all the circumstances, thoughts, emotions, relationships and ideas that surround it.  Searching for TRUTH is frustrating and confusing and empty.  Every year as experiences, hurts, failures, and even successes occur…the search for truth can make us literally insane!  In my humaness, I have less of an understand about TRUTH now than ever.  BUT…..

Jesus said “I am the way, the TRUTH and the Life”…Now is the time for TRUTH!  The TRUTH is that I need Jesus or my head will keep spinning out of control trying to figure out TRUTH on my own.  I cannot do it!  I need the TRUTH- I need JESUS.  Through faith in Him, I will be set free form the bondage of being confused about TRUTH!  I don’t need to know the TRUTH when I have Jesus.  In all essence the truth does not matter~ LOVE matters!  And that’s why Jesus is TRUTH because he is LOVE (God is LOVE).  And LOVE covers a multitude of sins…TRUTH is irrelevant when true love exists.  The only TRUTH in life is LOVE…the UNCONDITIONAL Love that God has given us through Jesus Christ.  I want that love, I want that TRUTH in my life…And I want to BE a GIVER of that TRUE LOVE!

That’s the TRUTH!

And I LOVE YOU!  Because God Loves you!

Today my little Layla is home sick…I am not sure how sick she actually is, but she was determined that she didn’t want to go to school today and that she felt bad enough to stay in bed with NO TV all day. So…she’s in bed.  I hope she gets feeling back to her “spunky” self soon.

My workout yesterday was attacked by HIF~ I warmed up for  a little over 20 mins on the r-bike and then only got in 2 of my lifts (bench and lat pulls) and they were cruddy at that.  I just didn’t feel it and I had back pain to boot…needless to say my period came a few hours later.  Today I feel a bit better and am happy it’s already cycle day 2…buffing is coming soon!! YAY!!  The good thing about yesterday is that I was totally “nesting”…so that means I was a total Domestic Diva!  I cleaned, cooked, did laundry, sheets, etc… I even cooked a turkey!  YUM!

POA- run outside, finish up some upper body exercises that I skipped yesterday and do some abs too.

Other to do items:
Phone calls regarding bills, taxes, business, etc…

Have a good day and remember what is TRUE today…Love is TRUE!





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