Now is the time to learn!

In keeping with my “NOW is the TIME November” theme…I really, really believe NOW is the time for me to LEARN!  I am currently hungering to LEARN about 3 things:
1. MY Spirituality…My SAVIOR- Jesus Christ, The HOLY SPIRIT, and God my Father
2. TIME management
3. Fitness~ anything and everything about fitness! Some key interests: Hormones, MMA  fitness, Kids Fitness, and the Fitness Industry

The internet is A SUPER Cool tool for learning!!  Here are some of the FUN stuff I stumbled across this week in my quest to LEARN:



Our mini-challenge in the SuperSTAR Success contest is to eat 3 servings of greens daily. I stumbled across this most fitting verse today…

Proverbs 15:17
A bowl of vegetables with someone you love is better than steak with someone you hate.

VERSE of the DAY~ I like this because it gives you a verse, some thoughts, a prayer and a PICTURE!



Fitness Stuff:

Read a couple issues of Club Industry’s Fitness business pro magazine

Got this e-mail from and online fitness marketer:

Learn about the Vikings, the Gladiators, the Spartans and how
you can develop a physique for the ages. Includes a special bonus
review of The Warrior Diet! <– Grab Your Copy Now!



Other great finds: Dr. Pete Egoscue, Shape magaizing, Spark People and



My workouts and eats (except for a bit of Halloween Candy) have been ON! 3 greens for yesterday were Asparagus and Romain Lettuce.  And today so far I’ve gotten in 2 servings of Romain Lettuce.The past 2 days…I had to shift my workouts a forward due to Monday being a crazy work day.  So yesterday I did Legs/ABs- WITH NO PAIN  and today I did Upper body/ABs this morning and just now got done running intervals finished with 2 sprints, some drill and stretching.  I am doing the workouts from our FIRE CRACKIN’ HOT contest, they rock!!  I am very proud of myself for pushing through and making myself do them…I lost a bit of momentum last week from my back injury/UTI!!  BTW~ I am on cycle day 20 and I weighed in at 127.

I went for lunch with my SIL (Heidi) today…she seems to be doing quite well!  We talked forever and it was great to catch up~ We are planning to celebrate Gracie’s Birthday at their house and Christmas there too.  It should be a GREAT TIME!

I am off to clean up so that we can have a nice family BONFIRE tonight…I may need to run and get som HOT DOGS for the kids~ then later we’ll watch  TUF…this season has stunk thus far…Rampage has really been a disappointment!

Have a GREAT night and never stop learning!!!



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  1. Hey Michelle!!!!!
    Great post!!!! WHen you get a chance try to check out this devotional
    It is my daily devotional sent right to my email-I think you will like it.

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