Halfway Point!

HEY ladies~ it’s Week #6! and we are now at the “half way” point in the contest!! Can you believe it…it’s time to KICK IT IN!!! My plan is to take halfway stats and pictures on Wed and do some goal setting from there. I am so happy that I am healthy this week and am starting my buffing phase. The world is a BED OF ROSES for me right now!! I love it when hormones are being nice, lol! I had a good weekend of workouts~
Saturday I did a good BACK, Sh, Biceps workout and yesterday a long cardio day: 15 mins u-bike; 15mins run intervals outside; 15 mins more on the bike The bad thing though is I irritated my knee afterwards when I was stretching my quads…It was so bad I actually iced it…and it was really sore last night! It feels decent today, but I’m going to hold off on running again until Wednesday just to be safe. Here’s my POA:
ABS daily, bikini photos daily
T- back/sh/bi and intervals
W- chest/tris/run
F-back/sh/bi and run intervals
Let’s not forget to do our~~ WEEK #6 Mini-Challenge “try on your bikini DAILY”~ The reasoning behind this challenge is to get you looking at yourself and motivated to take action towards making your bikini look even better on you!! I know for me trying on bikinis can be fun or painful! Know that you can create a better body… taking action daily and doing the little things will add up!!! BELIEVE you can wear your bikini with confidence and you will soon be strut your stuff on the beach !!!! Know that you can create a better body…taking action daily and doing the little things will add up!!! BELIEVE you can be confident in your bikini by next summer!!!! A fun option on this challenge is to take a daily picture of you in your bikini…I’ve done this before and it was very fun!

Get after it and be relentless, we are closing in on the finishing weeks of the SSS contest and I plan on kicking it in!!
p.s. have you “fallen off the wagon”? Do you wanna “START OVER”?? My SSS Video Coaching option allows me to give you tons of support (via video) and helps YOU to stay “focused”
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