Success Saturday!

I feel Success Today!! My body is responding…are you feeling success??

Getting in shape takes patience, consistency and TIME!

If you feel like you aren’t getting there fast enough…

You have to find more measurements for your success:

    * Do you feel a sense of accomplishment?

    * Are you increasing your weights at the gym?

    * Are you getting in better shape?

    * Do you have more energy?

    * Are you more mentally focused, less stressed?

    * Are you learning new things?

    * Are you sleeping better?

    * Are your hair, skin, joints, digestive system, etc…more healthy?

    * Are you being a good example to your kids, family and friends?

    * Are you inspiring others to make changes themselves?


I’ve had a good few days of workouts


Wed- weight 130#-run 15 mins outside plus 5 mins bike, high knees, lunges, situps

Thur-cday 1: weight 130# Legs at gym plus 10 mins elliptical

Fri-cday 2:weight128# Chest/tri/abs and intervals on tready up to 10 mph for 2 intervals (15mins run total)

Sat- cday 3: weight 128#…workout planned for today~ BACK…lots of pull ups! and some bike intervals


I am liking my new shoes.  I think my running plan is going to be to run M, W, F and Su…and shoot to do 2 of those outside each week.

Last night we watched “land of the lost”…It was disappointing.  Too many gross sexual jokes!  I don’t know WHO they make movies like that for??  It’s not really for adults, but It’s not for kids either…weird!

Anyhow…today Gunner is going to play football.  He’s feeling better and their game starts at 12:45~ I hope he plays well!

Have a successful Saturday!! 

Love, Michelle



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