Akk, my leg's asleep!

Akk! my leg’s asleep!!  I think my butt is so sore from Tuesday’s workout that it’s cutting off my circulation~ YUCK!! I hate that tingly feeling.  I remember the first time I learned what it meant to have a body part “fall asleep” and I was so relieved.  I had thought I had a disease and was SCARED I’d eventually lose a foot! 

Anyhow…I had a really good back workout yesterday.  I DID a ton of pull ups and video demos about them…Pull ups are UBER effective, my sore back is proof of that!   So…after 3 hard days of boosting I am losing weight ( i am back down to 127)…and I am SORE head to toes!  Today’s focus will be EATING more and once again doing CHEST for my workout!  I love chest~ it’s my current favorite body part to workout!

In family life, my DH has decided to HIT IT HARD, workout wise for the next few weeks.  I am guessing his 40th birthday coming in
FEB is motivating him to take it to the next level…also a good friend of his recently lost 60+pounds and is competing in BodyBuilding now…That’s really been an inspirational transformation for Travis to witness! 

Gunner is kicking tail at football but he hurt his knee rather badly on Tuesday night at practice.  I’ve been praying for it like mad and it seems to be good enough today for him to play in his game tonight.  He’s going to miss out on performing in he 4th grade musical because of his game so I sure hope his knee is good enough for him to play! 

The 3 MONKEYS- Oh I mean “GIRLS” are doing good! They are all still striving to learn to read better, but I see progress daily!  Gracie is still a little MAMMA BEAR and I am emphasizing the BEAR part.  She is a bit of a BEAR!  So we are working hard on the lesson “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all!”  

Today is the last day of SCHOOL until the 26th….so don’t be surprised if you see a bit less of me around here for a couple weeks….and don’t be surprised if I do talk about “drinking” :wine: when I do blog :snicker:   Doesn’t an old country song go like this “Why DO you DRINK?…KIDS!”  I am totally kidding, but with 4 kids at home fighting, making messes, being bored, etc…sometimes Mamma just needs to escape, lol!

Okay enough silliness…

The plan for today is to get some stuff DONE!  I have a bit of work to do on the Video Coaching~ I also have to get in my workout + Lunges…I missed my lunges yesterday, due to a RAW HAMBURGER BUTT situation… an OUCH I LOVE!!

Well ladies, let’s get through this TOUGH Tired THURS and then hit it hard for the weekend!! I love the weekend energy and I plan on being a “champ” over the weekend!!  Let’s Press on toward our goals!!  SSS Week #4 is IMPORTANT for keeping momentum!!  After this week we just have 6 more weeks…time goes by fast!!

PRESS ON! CHARGE!!~ Michelle



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  1. Hormones I bet… have you had her read my book yet?
    I can’t believe Elina is 5 already, where did the time go??

  2. Michelle, I hear ya about the kids!! My Elina is five and a one woman destruction zone! LOL. We call her ‘Hurricane Elina’. They are so cute though, somtimes.. heehee .. gotta love them!!!
    I hope Gunners knee is O.K. Knee injuries hurt!
    Funny about Gracie being a bear.. lol.. they all have their OWN personalities…
    I am having issues with my own sweet 15 year old daughter. She looks like an angel and talks like a truck driver!! Hormones I think… : )
    Have a great weekend Michelle!
    Love Lori

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