Omaha Trip- part 1


HI!  I am finally home and back to it today~ I really had a great time in Omaha and thought I’d record a very detailed log of the experience.  Here’s Part 1 of that recap….


2009 OMAHA TRIP (Sept 24-28)   

Unfortunately I got sick with a bad sore throat/head cold on the Tuesday before the big weekend. I had a ton of stress and a ton of work to get done prior to the trip. All the stress plus some germs got me good and SICK! Good thing for me I have a supportive husband who helped ease my stress and who helped me be able to go to bed at 5pm the evening prior to my day of Travel.
Thursday arrived and I was still very sick, but the show must go on and I rose early at about 6:30 to finish getting packed and to have some time with my kids and hubby before I flew from AR to Denver.   I was so focused on packing that I entirely forgot to eat anything. Once I got to the airport and past security It dawned on me that I needed to EAT something! All the cold meds really wiped out my appetite! So I ate a breakfast burrito and was sure to stock up with 2 water bottles for the flights ahead. The low carb tortilla was the first grains I had all week! I had done really well on our mini-challenge until that point. The flight to Denver went smooth, although I has a window seat~ So I couldn’t easily get up to pee. Shesh~ that’s the bad thing about having someone else book your flight for you. Had a good lunch in Denver and resisted the huge temptation to have a beer. YAY!! I had a great taco salad along with a couple cups of Ice tea. Denver to Omaha….which was a very tough landing. My ears hurt so bad the entire decent! WOW!! I’ve never flown with a head cold before and Hope to never fly with one again!
FINE Friends and FOOD!
That evening Lisa and Deb Gray came over to my hotel. Lisa “our HERO” chiropractor adjusted both Deb and my neck’s~ which ROCKED!! I love having my neck cracked!!! Deb then put on her competition suit and posed for us. SHE was RIPPED!!! Amazing to think that just 2 short years ago she was close to 200 pounds! Then we went out to RICK’s Bistro for an awesome meal. I wore my Miss Me booty embellished jeans, an orange ¾ sleeve, v-neck shirt with animal print heels. Lisa and Deb also wore jeans and were blinged out with cool sequined t-shirts! Both Lisa and I got the same thing. The Tenderloin Medallions served with YUMMY mushroom sauce and asparagus. We also got Cesar salads and a glass of Merlot! Deb, the poor girl had to compete in just 2 days so she ate grilled tilapia, a salad, asparagus and WATER. We had fun talking and catching up about our kids, busy lives and the excitement for the weekend’s events. We had fund despite the fact that Deb and I were both a little miserable…Deb had a neck kink that she had been dealing with since Monday Morning. And I felt like my head was in a fish bowl….my ears were so plugged up that I could hardly hear myself talk.
Early Morning Radio
The next morning I got up EARLY at 5:30 for a radio interview. And thanks to the prayers from my friends and family my cold was a TON better!! I felt like a new woman!! God is so good~ He truly does love me and has blessed me BIG Time! The entire weekend was proof of that and makes me so excited to continue on with my mission and purpose in life! Traci G. from Complete Nutrition picked me up at about 7 am to go to the 104.5 radio station. They are an “at work” station and we had a quick live interview with them. It went really well despite my nerves flaring up the first minute of the interview. I was able to pull it together and made it successful.
We had a good response on from the radio spot. About 20 women instantly signed up for Team BuffMother and a few of them even ordered my books. The key selling point that I talked about in the interview was that “everyone knows all the “BAD” effects of their monthly hormones, but I am here to teach women that there are good effects of from their hormones too and my HT program teaches women how to utilize their hormones to get FASTER and Better results in their fitness, diet and supplementation programs. To the station I wore a long sleeved pink T with a gray BuffMother! T-shirt over it. Along with my grey chord skirt and Steve Madden white /silver heeled tennis shoes. I wore my hair down and curled a bit.
Traci and I really hit it off for our first meeting. She’s a super hard worker and really does a TON for Complete Nutrition. She and I talked a lot about her own struggles with “losing” herself in motherhood and she’s recently lost weight and is on a big time mission to get ripped like her DH. Cory and Traci work really closely together. He’s the visionary and she’s the worker bee. We also talked about how he LOVES hunting, has a bunch of hunting land with food plots, cameras and all the other cool things that go along with being a rich bow hunter.
Quick LIFT with Buddies
After the radio event Traci dropped me off at my hotel and I worked on my seminar presentation along with eating a bit. I then headed to 24 hour fitness to meet up with Kathy and Lisa to do a little Back, Shoulder, Biceps workout. Kathy said it was her first time “working out” with others, so that was COOL! Both Lisa and Kathy are Chiropractors, so they have a great relationship and understanding of how our entire bodies work together for optimal health. While we were working out we caught up on a ton about our lives and worked our shoulders hard! I really could feel that I had been sick and was glad that we didn’t do any cardio.
After the workout, I grabbed a chicken salad from Burger King, talked to my DH and NAPPED for as long as I could. About 1.5 hours nap was perfect and just what I needed to continue to improve in my health.  After my nap, Deb came over and she was TAN!! HOLY Black woman~ She said her DH say at competition time he always gets “Jungle Fever”. I believe it she’s hot!  
Anyhow I looked her over close and she was FLAT! Her metabolism is on fire and over the past 2 weeks she kept losing weight. She was down 3-4 pounds from the previous contest . We planned out that she needed to eat some more carbs that night and some FAT. I sent her off to register for the show with a cup full of trail mix.
I then got ready and headed to the Complete Nutrition store to familiarize myself with their layout a bit and meet the fine gentlemen that work there as salesmen. The store was posh and the salesmen were truly kind! Traci got my table set up with my books and a black table cloth. And I felt GREAT about the set up for the events to come. 
Before I knew it was time to head back to the hotel and PRIMP once again for our DINNER at UPSTEAM. I wore my dark navy blue skinny Levi jeans and long sleeved Butterfly burn out t-shirt with my standby Steve Madden gold gladiator heels.
I arrived at Upstream just about the same t
ime as Lisa and our big table was set up and ready for 15.
 We hoped that we’d get a good turnout, but had no clue who was going to show up. Soon Kathy arrived, camera in hand! Seriously she should be the official photographer of BuffMother! She’s great at taking pictures and always up for the task!
Traci and her DH showed up soon followed by Anne T. and Cory the owner of Complete Nutrition. He surprised me as much younger than I expected. Later I found out that he was 34 just like ME! Later Black, MUSCL E MOMMA Deb showed up and was totally giddy when I told her I thought she should have a glass of wine with us. In addition to the wine we let her indulge in a delicious piece of CHEESE cake!!! YUM!
You should have seen her cheeky smile!!!
We ate up big time…lots of great steaks! And a couple restaurant brewed light beers along with a glass of Merlot for me. Cory surprised us all by stealthfully grabbing the bill… HOW AWESOME was that?! Thanks Cory!   We were all very thankful for that!
The night was not over yet,  Brenda was still on her way and finally made it when just Lisa, Kathy and I were left. She was exhausted from all the prep but still SPUNKY! When she got to the restaurant it was raining so she looked like a leopard. POOR Dear!   Her tanner was a bit messed up but, we assured her that it was fixable prior to show time in the morning. She got some final tips from her trainer, Lisa and we all HUGGED in excitement for her first contest the next morning.

Competition TIME!!
Saturday morning arrived very quickly and I headed out to Council Bluffs just about 8am. I wore a long black shirt with black leggings and black flats to be comfy and keep from getting BLACK from the competition tanner (I knew I’d be hugging them). I ran back stage to wish Deb and Brenda good luck then found Deb’s Scott in the audience. Deb and Brenda totally rocked the stage! I was so proud of them both and couldn’t imagine either of them placing anything less than in the top 3 of their divisions.
Deb Pre-Judging
BRENDA Pre-Judging
The morning show for them was complete rather early, at about 10 am. I was so glad that I had time to BREATH in between the contest and my Complete Nutrition store promo event. 




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