3 Weeks DONE in the contest!! How Ya Doin'??

Please Comment On this BLOG with your progress!!

Can you believe we are already done with 3 weeks of the  Contest!?!
How are you doing?
Are you staying on track?
Are you seeing results?
Have you participated in the  Mini-Challenges?

Let’s have a little interaction and conversation about where your are at.  Please post a Comment On this BLOG and we’ll “talk”!!





180 Replies to “3 Weeks DONE in the contest!! How Ya Doin'??

  1. The SSS is the best thing that has come my way in a long time.

    I am doing great! I have been able to stay focused and accountable. This is the first time in years that I have stayed consistent with exercise. I think it’s because I don’t have to spend hours at the gym or in a class working out and not seeing any results.

    Overall, I just feel better. I have more energy in the afternoon. I have lost about 4 or 5 pounds, but I feel stronger. My husband says my butt is smaller. There’s not so much fat hanging over my jeans.

    I can’t believe how I couldn’t even do 7 knee ups in a row and now I can blow out 15 x 3! Or how hard it was to do the 100 lunges the first day and now, it’s not that hard.

    As far as staying on track, I am. I can find time to exercise because it doesn’t take 2 hours. I am eating right. I have had a little trouble getting all my water in the past few days. But…I stopped drinking diet soda. I don’t wake up with a stomach ache anymore since I haven’t eaten bread and junk.

    I think that I will definately see this through the full 10 weeks and beyond. I love it! And I love how much love and support there is in the Rally Room.

    Thanks Michelle. Your the best!

    Tammie Azzara

  2. I think I’m doing okay. I lost focus for just a couple of days (Friday and Sat.) I am understanding the program better. My results are minimal, but hoping they will “catch-up”. I am staying on track for the most part. I am lifting more than I ever have. I am journaling, charting, and keeping track of measurements. I’m doing all the right things, so I don’t see why I won’t crush the rest of the weeks!

  3. I am glad I entered SSS

    During the work week I do great with my eating and journaling, but on the weekends without the work structure I have a tendancy to fall off the wagon. I consistantly get back on Monday morning, but I believe this is the reason for my lack of results.

    I have more energy and in better moods more often.

    Michelle – Thanks for the support and all the great information.

  4. Seeing some good results! I think your philosophy is the best out there!! Thank you for all the support! I love the Rally Room!

  5. Hey~ I need to check in too~
    The past 2 weeks have been challenging for me to stay on track (with a cold and traveling), but I think I’ve done well!! I am very encouraged and energized by all of the participation in the contest. I KNOW we are going to see big changes over the remaining 7 weeks!!
    I am in my boosting phase right now and this week especially is my hardest one of the month. BUT I am prepared and planning to focus hard on getting in my lifting workouts (everything else is BONUS)!
    As for results~ at the end of last week I was down to 126 (a recent LOW for me) so I know the EXTRA focus is working!
    I cant wait to keep hittiing it hard through this month…maybe I need to get a sexy halloween costume for some extra motivation to stick to my diet? could be a fun idea~
    Let’s have a stellar week #4 And PLEASE strive to ENERGIZE OTHERS this OCTOBER!!
    Love, Michelle

  6. cool story about your lunging dance fest on Sat!! I love your commitment and that you are using your breaks to workout. You are proving that: there is time~ it’s just a matter of being disciplined to use it!

  7. I remember those potty training days! You are doing great to get your workouts done at home…I KNOW what you mean about them being very effective!! I am always surprised at how the change of a home workout can make me SORE! Change=Challenge!! Keep rockin’ it!!

  8. Hi Kellie!! It’s so true
    about eating… I was telling my kids just last night while we were eating turkey, “you are what you eat, if you want muscles, you have to eat muscles!”

    Cool to hear about your new GOAL!! You can do it!!!

    thanks for always being so positive and making such nice comments!

  9. interesting to hear your thyroid issues are aggravated by soy…Have you ever tried Almond milk. I’ve heard a ton of people LOVE it! That may be something to try. What all do you use diary for? Protein shakes can be made with just water…other than that cereal is the only place I use a little soy milk.

    In your situation with your diet, you may need to opt-out of this weeks challenge?? it’s up to you~
    You could always do another week of LUNGES, lol!

  10. Hey Carole!! cool to hear your legs are getting stronger and bodyfat going down!! YAY!!! Keep it up~ by the end of 10 weeks you may just have a six pack!

  11. super to hear your still making progress with all the stress. I bet OCTOBER will be much smoother for you!! Keep it up Lynn!!

  12. NOT Quitting is a WIN in itself. Be sure you are taking time to take care of you and BREATH! Your workouts will help relieve some stress and EVERYONE will benefit from a happier you. God BLESS you Cassie!

  13. Tammie! you rock!! way to go on the weight loss and when the HUBBY notices that means you are really getting good results.
    STAY fired up and thank you for your glowing response and appreciation. You have totally ENERGIZED ME! THANKS!

  14. I am sorry your boosting phase was so rough, but it is so fun to hear how you are recognizing the importance of Hormonal Timing!! I KNOW you will have a great week this week~ enjoy the “buffing” time!

  15. Hi!! fun to hear you are rockin’ it!! AND isn’t it amazing how our bodies reject bad food once we are used to the good stuff.
    If you are sticking to doing the mini-challenge of NO-dairy that would mean to eliminate cottage cheese. It is a dairy, lol.
    The reason behind the challenge it to help people identify if they have a sensitivity to dairy~ Dairy also contains quite a bit of soduim, from being processed and it also has been show to be “estrogenic” which can slow weight loss efforts.
    It’s just for 1 week~ and you may find life without it to be better.
    Keep rockin it!!

  16. LOL!! on your getting “PANTSed!” I am confident you are going to have a great buffing week ahead!!

  17. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for the email, and checking in. This week was great. This weekend…not so great. I actually ended up at the hospital following severe searing pain in my abdomen. It was like menstrual cramps x’s 10. I’m still in the process of getting x-rayed (abdominal ultrasound). Pregnancy is out too, as I’ve just started my cycle, the doc did a full exam over the weekend, and still wasn’t sure what was wrong. The strange this is that this pain happened BEFORE my period. My normal cramps happen after, and they’re normally much more manageable. It happened after running for only 11 min. at a pretty slow speed. The end of last week was getting challenging, as I was boosting, but really pushed through the blues. My diet has been a little messy, but I’m saving up my super-self discipline for next week. I pushed myself pretty hard, working out 6 days, so I am pretty excited to see what I am capable of when I’m buffing! (Granted I get the green light from my docs to workout)..Thanks for checking in.

  18. Thank you so much Kim!! I am glad you are loving every aspect of the contest. I love it too!!
    Great point about food allergies…I think many people are unaware and suffering needlessly 🙂
    Keep up the LOVE!!

  19. Super to hear you are gaining energy and good moods!!!

    Weekends can be tough…but once you learn to stay consistent on them YOU will feel empowered and see CHAMPION Results!! you can do it “champions are made on the weekends!!”

  20. HELEN, Sorry to hear your knee’s a bugger…BUT you are still plugging away!! Keep on pushing it~ you will be rewarded with results!!

  21. Sonia!! GREAT to hear you are feeling GREAT!! Glad too to hear the you are digging the HT PILLS~ whoohooo!! CHEERS to all your great progress~ !!

  22. Keep your focus Shari, my guess is that it is just your hormones. I bet this week focus returns and more results start showing. Remember what I said about measuring your success…it’s not all about the scale. AND HEY, you’ve just spent the past 3 weeks getting in shape enough to get in shape…Now your results are going to accelerate!! YOU WILL CRUSH These next 7 weeks!!!

  23. OUCH!! sorry about hearing of your nasty pain. I hope it’s nothing bad…keep me posted! Keep on being good on your diet while you wait to get the “GREEN LIGHT”

  24. Still on track..have your books and i think no surgery on my stomach at all…Thanks michelle your the best!!

    Btw thew mini challenges are great still doing them keep them coming woohooo….

  25. Hey Michelle,

    Im feeling fit and strong in general, last weeks challenge got the better of me though with an old sports injury affecting my knee making last weeks challenge bit much. I have’nt been doing intervals much at all but have been concentrating on weight training and nutrition and am planning on upping the intervals when I can use my treadmill again.

    I love the routines and can’t wait to move from phase to phase and change up the workouts.

    Thanks Michelle, Im aiming to look as good as you when the sss comp is up but if I look half as fit I’ll be over the moon and so will my partner 🙂

    Cheers and all the best


  26. Hi Michelle, I’m doing pretty good! With the exception of a couple of tough boosting days this cycle, I’ve been hard at it and seeing/feeling results. Diet has been very “clean”…I CAN’T cheat or else my son pays the price with his health. What better incentive could I have? I’ve been able to raise my weights this last week or so and I’m beginning to see definition throughout. I’m anticipating my upcoming buffing phase so I can really kick it into high gear again. On a funny note: I bought new pj’s, “smalls”, and now I’m tripping over them because they are already too big…my husband and son have started “pantsing” me for fun in the morning… Little stinkers!

  27. I am feeling great! The no bread worked well… It’s amazing how light I felt. The 100 lunges started out great but unfortunately by Wednesday fizzled out. (My bad) I do however go up and down my set of 12 stairs about 20 times a day with the boys in my arms that weigh 20lbs each.(Should count for something). I have not hit the scale, but know I am lighter. Most importantly my body shape is changing and my mind and spirit are sky high!!! I will keep up the work and add a little more punch to it! I am truly digging the HT pills. They are great!
    Keep up the great work ladies and do your absolute best.

  28. Hi Michelle,

    Seeing a lot of results already. I have been eating very clean, with the exception of Saturday night when the in laws were over for dinner. My husband had made a pound cake and served it with whipped cream, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. I had a slice with the toppings and felt like I was going to puke. I think after eating completely clean for the last 3 weeks made my body say “Whoa! What the heck is that?” Needless to say, now I know what all that bad stuff can do to you and no more cheating! I have, however, lost 8 lbs and can see major muscle develoment. I am following the P90X program, but not the diet. I am doing my own thing with the diet. Love the mini challenges. I am going to continue the 100 lunges per day and maybe add on. I have been doing several different lunges with and without weight. Love the contest and can’t wait to see my results on week 10! I have managed to workout every day so far.

    About this week’s mini challenge, does this mean I have to cut out my low fat cottage cheeses with blueberries and strawberries?

  29. Honestly–not that great. Letting life get in the way too much. Falling into the martyr mom syndrome. Have to take care of everyone and everything and then *maybe* if I have time I can take care of me. I was reminded yesterday that I cannot do everything. Still in it, not quitting.

  30. Michelle – I am doing okay, could be doing better. I’ve had a lot of family issues, mom in hospital, taking care of her, plus my family, and took some trips to new york for work which through the clean eating off. I am eating pretty clean now, weekends I sometimes blow it, but I’ve been trying to make some good clean soups over the weekend for the week. My workouts continue to be good, I always find time to workout. I definitely see some definition in my upper body and legs. I think I’ve lost a few pounds, but I typically don’t get on the scale. I usually go by how my clothes fit, and they are fitting looser. Thanks for the support.

  31. I feel I am going pretty good. Eating clean 98% of the time….there are a few times, I’ve had a couple bite of ice cream, or a corn curl…but staying focused.

    LOVING the mini challenges! I used to HATE squats/lunges…as I have come to realize because my legs were weak. After last weeks challenge…Iam LOVING lunges! Not seeing “amazing” results, as I would like, but the Omron says my bf is going down…and scale has been about the same….so, I take that as a good thing!

    I have a bit of a hard time drinking all my water on the weekends, but still working on that one. Just seem to be so busy, can’t stop to “p” every 30 minutes w/an active 4 year old!

    Feeling hopeful that I can stick this out! I need that six pack abs!!

    Thanks for your confidence in all of us! You are truly an inspiration!


  32. I am hanging in there with the challenge – I never realized how much bread I used to eat. Now its no more toast in the morning and back to eating warm cereal. Love the challenges – however I am going to struggle this week – no diary – I am a 95% vegetarian, but still eat chicken/turkey the other 5% – I have found the new title is Flexitarian! Anyway I rely on cottage cheese and yogurt for calcium and protein. I hate soy milk – and I am limiting my soy intake due to my recent thyroid problems – which was very scary and I dont want to do that again. Appreciate any advice on how to minimise dairy when I need to limit soy?

  33. I’m still here and buffing away! At the start of the SSS (end of 40-Days) I recommitted myself to eating clean to feed my muscles. Like the quote, “You are what you eat.” If I’m going to spend the time and effort building these muscles, I don’t want to waste that by eating poorly.

    The mini-challenges have been great!! Didn’t quite hit 100 lunges every day (hard on my knees-I’m 44 ya know) but I definitely worked my legs/butt everyday 😉

    Over this past weekend, here in Denver, the Race for the Cure was yesterday and on Saturday there was an IFBB competition called “Fitness Fiesta.” I didn’t race but I volunteered and was blown away by the committed people out there and was re-energized!!! Those committed-strong-faithful ladies made me start thinking about maybe (no way), maybe (not me), maybe working towards the absolute crazy goal of entering the figure competition next year. There, I said it. Yikes!!

    Thanks for journaling about your trip. It looked like fun but tiring. (I’ve flown with a head cold and it is miserable 🙂

    Take care of you this week,

  34. Hi Michelle,
    I feel like Im doing pretty good other then the few nights i had some wine. Keeping up with my workouts this past week at home while potty training my 2 year old. Which is really good being i didin’t think I could get a good workout at home. Boy was I wrong! Im eating clean 90% of the time. Im seeing some defintion in my arms and abs but the scale still says the same. So Im definately going to keep the 100 lunges a day thing going. Thanks for all the mini challenges I love them.

  35. I am loving these challenges this time (I have done them before thru rally room but didn’t give them my all). The week of lunges was great and really motivated me when Saturday night I was out dancing with friends and when the song said how low can you go, I was able to go real low. Not only did I have control enough over my legs but it wasn’t a struggle to get back up or back down using my leg muscles. I have also been consistent with spending my 15 minute break, and 15 minutes of lunch break at work to work out in our weight room. Treadmill and weights and continuing the lunges. I already have more energy, I do my work outs 5 days week then Saturday and Sunday are “off” days except everyday activities which can also be a work out. Thanks Michelle you are awesome, I am determined to flatten this c-section belly finally after 3 1/2 yrs

  36. Oh man , michelle absolutely got the life sucked out of me by my boosting phase, bad attitude, bloat, low confidence, sleeping forever wow, now that I recognize hif, i’m all over it. It’s been a great 3 weeks, tracking yourself is quite an eyeopener, I managed 4 days of lunges, i will continue today with my 3 days more, eating clean, a little bit of extra calories the last three boosting days , but somewhat clean extra , 2 muffins and some cheese and tortilla chips , stopped bread months ago, dairy as well, you are a champion of us women, and your easy logic of hormonal timing is quickly changing my life, Thank You. Christina

  37. I’m doing awesome. 🙂 It’s fantastic to see my shoulders coming into play the way that they are. I’m loving the challenges too. I’d post more on the RR but money is reallyl tight this month ((like pennies tight)) so the subscription will have to wait till next month.

  38. Hi Michelle!!
    Doing good & staying on track with workouts. Eats are good but could be better. I love the mini challenges too the lunges being my favorite. I started boosting yesterday & I am soooo excited to be more focused for my next buffing phase. They don’t seem long enough…lol…

  39. Hey Michelle!!

    Yes Mam, I am staying on it….haven’t been doing the mini challenges per say, but I am eating clean allowing my self one garbage meal per week, so far I have lost a pant size. I had a goal back at the beginning of the year to get out of my size 12 jeans and back into my 6’s. Well just this past weekend I reached my goal, thanks to this little contest you are having!!

    Just wanted to check in with ya..can’t wait for you to see my photos. I can already see some amazing changes…so happy!!


  40. Hi Michelle,

    I am Loving this Challenge!! I have been commited to the workouts. I have slipped a few times with the diet but get right back on program. The scale has not moved much but I am seeing results! My clothes are fitting better, my bootay is much firmer and I’m seeing more defination!
    I am in menopause and so I have to get through a couple of weeks and find out where I should be by how I feel: Energy Level, Mindset, Skin, Sleep Patterns, and Scale. I figured that I should have been Boosting while I was Buffing and so I’m gonna fix that : )
    I’m loving the mini challenges but then again, have incorporated many of these challenges in my daily life now since the first challenge a few years ago.
    Love all the Energy in the Rally Room!! It’s helping to keep me Focused and Accountable!!
    Thanks Michelle for another Great Contest!! You ROCK~

  41. You guys are all doing great!! 3 weeks down and working on the 4th….6 to go. YIPPEE!! Got my leg workout done today in phase 3 and on day 20 or so of my loverly 23 day cycle and I felt pretty strong. This has been awesome Michelle and the accountability has been great….thank you. Wish the scale would move some, down a few but back up today….assume it’s because of my cycle. I’ve lost inches thoug and DH has noticed that there is more muscle and such in my back and stomach – YEAH!! Keep rocking and good luck to you all this week. No milk is really tough on my protein drinks and oatmeal pancakes though.

  42. Hey Michelle,

    I have been doing pretty well so far. I have had a couple of cheats with food but overall my diet has been really clean. I have made it to the gym for most of my lifting, but i am still trying to squeeze in my cardio. Between work, school, and kids, it can be pretty tuff. I’m down 2 pounds, and haven’t weighed myself this week yet, so we’ll see where I’m at. I already have dairy out of my diet, so i’ll have to make up my own mini challenge. : )
    Thanks so much!!

  43. Hi Michelle,
    It is hard to believe it is week #4. I did really good with my clean eating and lifting the first 2 weeks. The 3rd week I went on vacation and ended up getting sick. So week 3 was not good with diet and I was unable to get my workouts in. I have been following the mini challenges and look forward to them each week. I am lifting heavier with fewer reps, jouraling my meals, protein and water intake. Thank you for this challenge. Beth

  44. My butt is so sore from lunges but guess another week will not kill me. I have been reading a lot on thyroid stuff since I took a cyst on my thyroid in March. I am now on thyroid meds, and from my research it seems best to limit the intake of soy. I’ll try the almond milk. Thanks !

  45. Hey there Michelle!

    So far I have been doing/feeling GREAT! I am totally ready for Week 4… and time is FLYING BTW! (Only 18 days until my 21st birthday!!!!!)
    I have surprised myself by being so diciplined, I definately didn’t think I would be at this point when I started this SSS Contest!!
    I am FEELING results and thought I was seeing them too – until I took pictures this weekend and compared them to the beginning pictures. It totally made me KICK-IT INTO GEAR to see that not much change has taken place! I do see a difference on the scale (-7lbs) and in the measurements (-6.5in), but still can’t see a big change in my pictures… soon though, very soon! 🙂
    I am LOVING the mini-challenges! So far I have participated in all 3 of them and I must say that this week’s challenge is kind-of a ‘cheat’ for me since I am HIGHLY allergic to all dairy products anyway, so I decided to challenge myself to do 100 lunges and 50 push-ups each day. Ahh!

    Well, I better get started on my homework 😛 so I have time to make it to the gym tonight. I hope you have a GREAT evening!

    Love, Ashley

  46. HI Michelle,

    Well, I plan on rockin week #4….and I’m so happy to be starting buffing! I love the mini challenges too. I’ve been doing all of them, and my husband had been doing some too(bread/dairy). A friend of mine at the gym said that they noticed that something, ‘clicked’ with me and they can see a difference since I’ve been in the weight room.(For over 15 years I only took classes)

    Well the best was today when I was getting ready for work. The pants I put out to wear were TOO BIG!!! I had to take them off and put on a different pair. Yipee!

    Thanks so much for your inspiration. I look forward to your emails on Sunday nights! Looking forward to no dairy, although I haven’t really had it since before the 40 day to fit in the summer. Dairy sometimes upsets my stomach.

    Good luck to all of you wonderful women. I truly enjoy reading about all of you!

  47. Hi Michelle,
    I’ve been staying on track with my workouts and my diet but my weight loss results have been slow and I have been participating in the mini-challenges. Although, I had problems doing the lunges due to an injured knee from doing squats and lunges several weeks ago. I love the mini challenges because they have been keeping me motivated. Thanks so much!

  48. Michelle…I haven’t felt this good about my fitness in years. Thank you for all that you are doing to help motivate us. You are a blessing to so many. REALLY!! I am doing really really really well. I am motivated, and I am seeing results. I just really don’t WANT to cheat, or skip a workout. Wish I could bottle this enthusiasm and sell it, or keep it for if mine ever runs out. Heck, I would give it away if it would help people, but I know from experience that the only way I can help people is by setting an example, and they will come around when they are ready. I mostly want to be an example for my kids and my students. So far, I have lost about 4 pounds since we started. I am so much happier, and have so much more energy, and I will not stop until I achieve my desired results!!! Thanks again!

  49. I like that you are not giving up!! Keep pushing ahead and keep trying to find ways to get it done. It’s okay to get a little “selfish” about it too…You need to take care of yourself so that you can take care of your loved ones.
    Are you working out at home? or trying to get to a gym? Are your kids at the age to where you could do any workouts with them? What about lunch breaks? or early mornings?

    You can do it!!

  50. I wish I could bottle what you are feeling too!! keep on setting a shining example~ your results are GREAT!!

  51. Slow weight loss is not always a bad thing…it means it’s REAL and not just water weight. Sorry to hear about your knee pain…be sure to be nice to it for a while and slowly re-build your muscles around it. Do you take any sort of joint supplement? My personal favorite is “move free” by Schiff (I buy mine at Wal-Mart)

    Keep staying on track!! CONSISTENCY will get you results!

  52. Wonderful to hear you are HALF the pant size you were at the beginning of the year!! WOW!! Great job Michelle~ I can’t wait to see your photos either.
    Keep that momentum!!

  53. Michelle, I’m not doing great on this challenge. I’m not doing terrible, but I’m not focused or truly committed either. Not that I don’t want to be, but I am REALLY having a hard time. No matter how I plan, my job gets in the way and by the time I get home, my family is there to put a stop to my plans. I am trying to maintain though. And I do see results, I’m just not FEELING them. But I’ll push through this week and see if things get better. That’s why I’m here after all, to keep on track.

  54. Definitely will stick to the no dairy min ichallenge. Maybe I will lose another pound or two since there is a lot of sodium in it. Never realized that. I have always loved my milk, skim of course, and many other dairy products. Possibly could be the demise of many diets over the years. I just might cut out dairy for the next couple of weeks and see what happens.

    Thanks Michelle!

  55. so cool to hear about your progress!! you are rockin’ it Christine and so is your DH!!
    Fun to hear others are taking notice~!!

  56. I would like to say that I am doing better than I am. Last week my lower back was hurting so bad (and I can’t figure out why, other than I pulled a muscle or something) so I laid low and didn’t really do anything. It’s feeling better now, so I am really watching all my movements. But I am going to hit my cardio really hard this week to hopefully get me back on track where I need/should be. Gonna combine mini challenge 3 & 4 together too…me and walking lunges have a love/hate relationship! 🙂 I am MOH in my step sisters wedding Nov 7th, so this SSS is really helping me get into shape for that too 🙂 I’ve been avoiding the scale, but I have always been one to judge by the way my jeans fit lol! And I wore some pre-baby jeans with just a touch of “love” so that made me happy WOOHOO! Thanks for everything so far!


  57. Jessie,
    Glad your back it better…sometimes backs have minds of their own. You and Me both are doing weeks 3 and 4 together.
    Fun to hear your jeans are “almost” perfect!! Push hard this nest month and you will feel STUNNING for the wedding!!

  58. Are you serious you’ve lost 7 pounds?!?!?! WOW! You are doing GREAT!!! Cool that you are substituting your challenge..100 lunges and 50 push ups daily will surly be a challenge. BUT I know if anyone can do it, it’s you!!
    Keep up the great job and thanks for the LOVE!!

  59. Hi Michelle

    I really really enjoy this challenge very much. I feel wonderfull and great after each workout and I am trying to push myself harder the next workout.

    I am also very consistent with my fat intake and I just love the mini challenges ( especially the 100 lunges challenge ). I was as stiff as a lark last week from all those lunges, and I just know my booty will appreciate it a lot more for those photo shoots my DH is planning.

    My only problem so far is still my wobbly stomach. I am increasing the vacuums from 3 times per day to seven times a day, 4 sets and 10 reps ( 30 sec each). I have incorporated callanetic stomach exercises 3 times a week and yesterday I did 6 planks on the ball ( 30 sec each) as well as your 7 to 7 abs plan.

    I really believe that I can have a flatter stomach . So I am putting in every second I have. One plank more means a step nearer to achieving my goal of having a tight flat stomach, one minute more of hard interval means my success of reducing body fat around my waist will taste so much more sweeter.

    So I am concentrating not on the hole ( negative issues) in the doughnut itself, but I am trying to appreciate the whole picture and do something about it.

    Thanks so much for giving advice and really listening and trying to help. You really have a heart of molten gold dear and I sincerely appreciate your input. I agree with Tammie, you really are the best dear.

    Friendly regards

  60. Hi Everyone!! I am doing pretty well. I am loving the extra cardio and all the mini challenges. Have been doing pretty good at 1-2 pounds per week. Am seeing some results with how my clothes are fitting…that always feels good!!

  61. Oh Dalye!! cool that you got your hubby on board with you~ I love that the mini challenges are EASY to you now!! That’s a great measurement of your success over the past few years!

  62. Keep believing!! I love that you are always so positive!!
    You are going to see the results from it, promise!

  63. I hope I am commenting in the right place…lol.
    Short and sweet as I need to run back to work…
    I feel like I am doing GREAT! This challenge has got consistency back on the map and I am lovin’s it! It has gotten my DH on the fitness train too! WOOHOO!!! I am seeing results…not as much as I would like but I think that has to do with the creatine…need to HIIT even more!!! I have done all the mini’s…I love how the ones that used to be hard are NBD!!!!!!!!! Big hurdle for me!!! THANK YOU!!!! I AM LOVIN’ IT!!!!!!!

  64. thanks for the in menopause endorsement!! You are a superstar for certain and proof that we are never too old to be buff and BEAUTIFUL!!
    Love ya,

  65. HI Kayti!! fun to hear you are getting those shoulders to POP!! sorry about money being tight…Hang in there and keep working it!! Love, M

  66. Get that MOJO back!! I always think that “re-entry” after vacation can be so hard. The only way to get back on track is to FORCE yourself to ACT!
    Cool to hear you’ve integrated so many healthy habits!! Keep that focus Beth!

  67. Hi everyone.

    I signed up for the contest and unfortunately I had some horrific personal tragedies to deal with and I had to fly to California. I am just now returning home to Florida. I tried to eat healthy but it was often difficult since I was left to deal with detectives, medical examiners, make funeral arrangement for two people and seek legal service for probate. I plan on working out again tomorrow and getting back on track. I maybe at a disadvantage however I am determined to finish and to finish strong.

  68. OH wow! That does sound horrific! I am so sorry to hear about that!
    Do your best to get re-focuses and God Bless!

  69. Michelle,

    Thank you so much for helping us women find our way. It is so hard sometimes to get to where we want to be but I feel like the rally room really helps me and your emails help keep me on focus.

    I feel like I am doing very well. I have been following my workout plan and eating schedule. I am more flexible on Sundays eating but only slightly.

    I am staying on track although I do have to say I am not a very patient person. I would like changes to happen much quicker but I know I must be realistic so I am doing my best to learn patience.

    I am seeing results already and it makes it so much easier to do the challenges when you start to notice the results from previous ones. I have seen a big difference in my weight lifting poundage and stamina. (Sex is also so much better when I am working out 🙂 Big Plus!
    DH is noticing a difference in my weight. I would have to say the biggest difference would be my back/shoulders (although not near where I want to be, I can see a difference)

    I have been participating in the mini challenges and love them. They are one of the best ideas.

    Thanks Michelle for everything! You are a blessing and I am so happy to have found this site and the rally room!

    Tammy 🙂

  70. I agree about sex being so much better when we are in shape!! it’s great to hear you are feeling positive results in just 3 short weeks!! keep the focus and over the next 3 weeks more results will come quickly~ you are now “in shape enough to GET IN SHAPE!!”
    Rock it!!!

  71. Hi Michelle,
    I am 8 weeks postpartum and this is actually starting my 5th week on the challange ( I think I may have started too soon lol). Its amazing how fast my strength and stamina has returned. Although I am a little bummed about the 6lbs I’ve gained. (Hoping to lose a ton) I am still chugging along doing my best. Just not entirely sure about my total caloric intake since I’m nursing. I’ve been around 1800-2000 but maybe I should reduce. Anyway, I am not giving up and expecting great results. Thanks!!

  72. Hi Tracy! You are doing GREAT!! Caloric intake can be tough to figure out while nursing, it depends on a ton. I’d say that if you plan on nursing for a while to keep the cals up…babies tend to consume the most milk between 2-6 months of age. So you don’t want to cut calories too much right now! Also be sure to DRINK a ton of water!!

  73. Hi Michelle,
    Just wanted to give an update…still gaining weight :(. I am busting out of my clothes now on week 6 of SSS. Just wondering what I am doing wrong as I have never missed a workout and my diet is awesome? Hope you can help…

  74. I need way more info (diet journal, height, current weight, specific workouts, etc…) in order to understand why you are gaining weight and really be able to help you.

  75. I have had a rocky start but I just started the other 10 week!! YAY!! SO glad you did that. I am having a little trouble finding a protein powder without a lot of carbs in it. Seem slike no carbs or low carbs then sodium levels go way up and I am wondering how much sodium and protein I should intake on a daily basis! I try to snack with my activia yoguat or fruit but now I am switching to clery and broccili.

  76. I am doing great! I am down 12# and in a smaller pants size already! 🙂 I’ve gotten a lot of comments about people noticing. I feel wonderful, thank you so much!

    I am not really doing the mini challenges, but with reason. The lunge one I did not do because I did 23 miles the Saturday before for marathon prep – I was quite sore! (in a good way). I’ve stuck to a good diet and exercise routine.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration. I am at a weight I haven’t seen in a few years (although I have a lot to go).

  77. Thanks Michelle for the challenges. I have tried each challenge so far. This week will be a little harder. I don’t use a lot of milk products, but like yogurt. I have lost 4# and am happy with that.

  78. Doing well…trying to check in as often as I can. making small changes everyday…I know that if I try to change too much that I might get overwhelmed and derail all efforts.

  79. Back on track with exercise this week – wt not changing – very frustrating. I am now on thyroid meds and since being on them I have gained weight (about 7lbs) and not been able to shift it.
    I think I will try writing everything dowm – rather than marking off p,c, w etc to see if this helps. Its not gonna win…

  80. I did 100% last week with the 100 lunges and my legs show it! No dairy is no big deal for me. Last year I was actually wanting to go vegan and switched to soy milk and love it! I just bought 2 Greek Yoplait yogurts for this week because Biggest Losers were promoting the high level of protein, but they will be there next week! I haven’t weighed but feel great and have been keeping with it.

  81. i can see changes and feel so great in the gym! I am exercising great control over my food lol…clean diet…and was so happy to have a little ‘normal’ food last week (start of my cycle)….

    but even more excited to see how much fat i can loose during the next 2 weeks!

  82. doin really well,havent noticed much on the scales,5lbs,but really starting to feel toned….iv still a long way to go but i am getting there,iv 14lbs to get off….do u think its achievable wit r last few weeks?? my hubby is great support,cooking lots of healthy dinners!! loved the lunges mini chal!!! wat a burner!! im using kettlebells a bit too so hope they help!! thank u again michelle u rock!!

  83. Well…actually had some GoLean this morning with some 1%…I do think dairy sometimes makes me bloaty…but I have cottage cheese, yogurt and LF ricotta in my fridge as we speak…I want to do a no dairy week…maybe net week? :):)

  84. Michelle,
    I have been doing really good on my exercising and eating regimine (mostly). I am too scared to weigh myself right now (it also tracks my bodyfat %). I was going to wait until next month to see – in the meantime, i’ve lost one of my little jellyrolls. I want to lose 15pounds and have gained it all in my gut and boobs. I’m wondering if alot of is because of the refined fours and sugars. I’m also staying away from gluten and have noticed when i eat some of it, i get bloated. I’m already staying away from the dairy – did you know there are some awesome soy yogurts? I feel like I’m learning so much about my body!

    Question: Are we supposed to continue with the 100 lunges? I like the changes added strength and changes it has made. Today is going to be intense – i’m doing a full body circuit. woo hoo! Have a great week!

  85. Hi Michelle, I did really well the first 2 weeks with eating and workouts/mini-challenges. Last week was the worst eating week I have had in months. I also lost my MoJo BIG time! This is a new week and my motivation is back. I had a great upper body work out today. Thank you Michelle.

  86. I haven’t seen much change yet. I’ve gotten every workout in, eating pretty good weekdays but have a really hard time staying on track on weekends. I need to increase water, especially on my off days when I tend to not think about it. It’s hard for me to gauge weight since I don’t have a scale at home (I used to obsess over the scale when I was younger and have no desire to go back to that) so I weight myself at the gym, but it is hard since right now the only *morning* i get there is Sundays…the rest of my workouts are late afternoon or evening when weight is higher anyway.
    I was also bummed that the pre-exhaust phase is not making me sore or is hard as I expected. I finally attempted squats on a free bar instead of the Smith yesterday and yay! my legs are sore today 🙂
    Today is CD 1…so I am looking forward to Friday when I’ll begin buffing. I have a real hard time sticking to 3 portions of carbs but since I haven’t seen any change I’m really motivated to do it this time!

  87. Hi Michelle – before I started I was (still am) working out with a personal trainer since last July and although I can really tell that my muscles are becoming more and more toned the scale wasn’t moving at all, since I started this challenge I have been doing the mini challenges and journalling my food intake I have moved the scale by 4lbs so I am super excited to see what is in store for me if I stick to it!

  88. Doing awesome! Especially with my stomach and butt in just 3 weeks…so motivated and excited! I was sure my rectus abs were so far apart that they required plastic surgery and the hard work has paid off….not the case at all. Thanks so much! The diet is easy to stay on track except most days I miss a protein so added cottage cheese…but now the no dairy so a little stumped?

  89. Champions are Made on the WEEKENDS!! Keep striving to do better there…and KEEP PUSHING HARDER!! I am guessing you are needing to keep the motto “Challenge=Change” in your mind as you do your workouts.
    AND also know not being sore does NOT MEAN you are not getting results. It’s a sign that you’ve been consistent, getting in better shape and that you are eating properly!

  90. Are you tracking your cycle Beth? You probably had what I call HIF= hormone induced failure. Glad your mojo is BACK!!

  91. Keep your focus…rebuilding your metabolism takes time.
    Keep the fact that “muscle burns fat” at the forefront of your mind and KEEP your portion size in check. That’s where I falter- I like BIG portions, lol!

  92. good to hear you are Lifting your booty!! I like hearing that you can SEE the impact of them!!

  93. Since joining Buffmother in January, my attitude towards my fitness has totally lifted off !! I say I have such a great love for my own fitness and am not afraid to go the extra mile. I feel athletic for probably the first time in forever. Even though I participated in Triathlon for two years, the training eventually subsided,but now it is an ongoing event and I ‘m only getting better and better.

    My mindset has changed. All my fitness goals are attainable and I believe it!

    I will continue to put these days together and have the mental and physical wellness I am capable of.

    I love the mini challenges, they are good confidence builders. They also teach me to listen to my body and how I can influence my daily life by what I consume.

    About 6 or 7 weeks ago, I gave up bread and sugar, the yeast problem disappeared. I have been clear for almost 3 weeks. Great! I really appreciate the family in the rally room that you have brought together. I’m honored to participate. Thanks M.!
    I have been very consistent with wo’s and good on my eats, by I need to refine my meals, eat less portion and track my eats better.

  94. Doing good! I have not lost much weight yet, but I am loving the effects of eating healthy again! And I’m at the gym 5-6 days per week. Have lots of energy & feel great. Trying to drink 1 gallon of water daily. Living in Phoenix, that’s not too hard! I have increased the lbs I lift & am pushing the cardio hard. Thanks!!

  95. I’ve already lost 7 lbs and can really start to see my abs getting flatter. Its such a great feeling!!

  96. Hey Michelle and all the buffmothers out there.

    I have been following my program very well for 3 weeks now. I have definitely noticed a lot of fat loss around my waist (2.5 cm loss on my waist), and my arms and abs are toning up nicely. The only discouraging problem, is that :
    – scale is still not moving at all (even after 3 weeks)
    – and I see no loss of any CM in my legs or any toning. When I touch my legs they feel tighter, but don’t look better. In fact, when I put my jean on this weekend, it felt as if its tighter around the butt and upper legs!!

    Do we just loose slower on the legs?

  97. Hi Michelle!

    So far I’m really happy with the SSS program. I’ve seen visible changes in my back, arms, and especially legs/butt/ calves! It’s very encouraging! Also I feel that as my body is getting more toned, I crave less sugar and more healthy food! But I still have to be a lot more consistent with my water intake and ESPECIALLY with carbs…I have a huge problem with reducing my carb intake…Is it just me or is there anything I can do about it? I think keeping busy is a good solution, because most of the time I eat carbs when I’m stressed or just plain bored! I’m a full time mom right now, and it’s not always easy as you know…Thanks for your advice, you are my greatest inspiration! Seeing your constant progress and efforts helps me to keep on the right track. You are my light in the dark!

  98. I love your new mindset about going the extra mile!!
    Thanks for your effort Christina!!

  99. we definitely lose slower in some places than others~ keep getting after it and be sure you are watching your portion sizes- foods can add up quick!

  100. You need to find snacks that are lower carb-
    What about sunflower seeds, jerky, celery, carrots, etc…
    Thanks for all the sweet comments~!! I EAT THEM UP!
    Love ya,

  101. I have been doing the workout, and the mini challenges. I am seeing some good changes in my abs, and waist. Booty is still not shrinking like I want, just yet. My weight is fluctuating and looks like I have only lost 2 pounds. I need to loose 7 more by the 4th…need help!

  102. Hi Michelle,

    The program has been great & I LOVE the mini-challenges. The no-wheat challenge was so difficult but I think the no-dairy will be the hardest because I love cheese. I wasn’t able to complete wk 3 because my baby had a virus with a full body rash (he’s fully recovered now), then I was feeling ill so I missed 2 days working out.

    Diet has been good but could be better, I don’t think I’m eating enough food, especially protein. I’m a partial vegetarian (eating fish & eggs) so I’ve been trying to up my intake of other proteins like pulses (lentils, quinoa, beans) and having a LOT of egg whites. I think I might start taking some protein shakes. Do you recommend a specific brand?

    I’m surprised at the quick results. I’m ‘skinny-fat’ so I didn’t think I would see a big difference right away. I’m much more toned (especially after the lunges challenge). I love it and am totally motivated to get back on track for wk 4!!

    Thank you so much for all that you do. You are truly an angel for helping so many women get their strength and confidence back.


  103. Results come fast when you get after it!! keep working hard~ i can’t wait to see your final results after the entire 10 weeks!!
    and thanks so much for your appreciation!
    I really appreciate your feedback!!

  104. Focus harder on your diet…stay away from too many treats and carbs… and cut down your portion sizes a bit.

  105. Week three was pretty good to me. The mini challenges have been a nice bonus each week. I am noticing a change in the way my clothes fit and the amount of energy I have is on the rise. My husband said he likes the changes he is seeing, always encouraging!

  106. Hi Michelle, I just recently joined your website and really appreciate the wonderful knowledge you share–I’m learning a lot! I have two questions for you: first, I hear occasionally that we should avoid dairy, yet I never hear the explanation for why we should avoid it. I find that low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat milk and eggs are a great way for me to get enough protein in my day. Why do you recommend we avoid dairy? Second, I have a health issue which causes me to be low in calcium almost daily, so I take supplements (which help somewhat) and drink about 100-200ml of low-fat milk daily (which helps a lot), to keep my calcium levels normal. With my health issues (low PT hormone, which causes low calcium in the blood), should I be avoiding dairy? If so, can you tell me some high-calcium foods that are not dairy?
    Sincerely, Jenn from Mexico City

  107. In your case you may be smart to keep dairy in your diet….I’d check with your doctor on that.

  108. Hi Michelle, doing well but could do better. The mini challenges are going OK. This summer is busy so the eats could be better. Cardio seems to be easier to get in then weights, but committed to improve on that. Thanks for everything!

  109. I used to do eating for your blood type, and type A’s shouldn’t have dairy. The main thing i noticed was that there was no phlegm! Yay!
    So far i’m doing pretty good with the workouts, etc. I missed yesterday though, and i’m not even sure why. But i am noticing progress and i’m loving it!!

  110. Hey Michelle
    Things are going better than great!!!! The changes you’ve made to my workouts have made a big difference and the meal plan is super easy to follow. EXACTLY what I needed. I’ve noticed tons of changes and am anxious to take my next set of pics and measurements. My weight is down about 5lbs even as I get close to TOM so I’ll be curiuos where I’m at when I’m Buffing. Still have a way to go, but headed in the right direction.
    Thanks for everything Michelle! Hope to see you something soon.

  111. AWESOME!! i am so happy that you love the plan and that you are getting such great results!! Keep rockin’ it Kathy!!

  112. You know what…there is never a perfect time to do get in shape- so you are doing what you should- Doing it NOW!!
    Way to go on your progress!! keep having fun.
    AND keep those little ones healthy~ no more Hospitals!!

    I know what you mean about computer time…it can be crazy!

  113. HI Michelle,
    Well, I’ve been really enjoying the SSS program, and am seeing results despite the fact that I’ve only managed to work out about half the time the last two weeks. Work is crazy at the moment and I’ve had two major over night road trips with all of my kids to hospital visits in the city. Why do these things always go together??
    I’ve really enjoyed the challenges, I’d forgotten how great lunges are. I have six young Aussie surf instructors working for me at the moment, they’re all really encouraging, and making comments about my “guns”, and changes they can see.
    My husband is managing a different part of our company this year, so he’s only home thursday and friday nights, but it’s cool that he notices a difference each week. I’m buffing up from the outside in, so strange to get definition in my arms,and upper body, upper abs and still have a pooch (definitely reduced, but still there at the end of the day).

    I really have to make an effort to eat more complex carbs in the morning to avoid my three o’clock sugar slump, and have brought a stepper so I can do intervals at night once the kids are in bed. (love running , but it;s too hot in the day here at the moment).

    Am interested to see how no dairy goes, it’s my main protein source at the moment, and too easy. Low fat kwark and frozen rasberries is THE BEST way to cool off, and a low fat mozzerella ball and celery is easy driving food.

    I’m going to make a definite attempt to blog, I’ve been really eager to get off my computer at the end of the day, as have about 40 emails to answer daily.

    It’s been a struggle to stay focussed, but I’m going to nstick to it.

    Best wishes,


  114. Hi Michelle, I am a bit confused. On my week my week 1 I was SSS 00 and week 2 was 01, did I mesh up my weeks wrong? This is week 4 and on my chart I have it beginning my boosting phase and not buffing. So your videos don’t match up. Thanks,

  115. I know they don’t always match up…I am in the process of re-organinzing them in a way that they will match easier…. feel free to still learn the info because it will be applicable to your own plan in about 2 weeks when you are boosting again 🙂

  116. I got on the scale last week and it said I gained 5 pounds! I was veery discouraged, but decided I woul start thus week fresh and stay consistent with diet and workouts. It’s gonna be a hard next couple of weeks, we have a lot of family birthdays conning up which means a lot of cake!

  117. Dairy seems to have been creeping into my diet recently somehow….I’m ready to get it OUT of my diet for the week and beyond.
    As for eating more, the easiest way I’ve found to get in the calories is by upping my fat intake. Nuts, red meat, olives, avocados, etc…
    You are doing great!

  118. 2 pounds is great progress so far…If you keep it up you’ll be close to 10 pounds lighter by the end!!

  119. Muscle retains more water than fat, so many times when women start working out again they can retain more water and thus weight goes up…keep at it and also realize hormones have a huge effect on water retention. Don’t let that scale tell you if you are successful or not- take a variety of things into account!! You can do it Step!!

  120. 10 pounds!! wow! too bad about the flu though- ick! I have a feeling these next 3 weeks are going to be AWESOME For you!!

  121. I’m doing great–definitely seeing more definition in my abs, mostly due to lower caloric intake. Lifting heavier too and doing some really awesome new ab exercises!

  122. Was boosting well then my cycle was late which caused aunt flo to come by on my bday, my husband was out town, and me and the little ones got sick…diet fell off a bit the last two days…. Made it to the gym Saturday…still keeping up w/ mini challenges. Overall i have gained 4 lbs muscle, and lost fat. So I’m heavier and leaner. Hoping to get better soon andvtake advantage of my buffing stage….

  123. I’m doing great! I haven’t had any cheat foods but the last 24 hours I’ve had lots of cravings! This is CD7 for me….
    I’m so excited to be so focused after it taken a YEAR to get to this point! My youngest is 14 months old and I didn’t get my body back as quickly as I did with my 4 year old (only took 3 months with him). The RR has helped me to stick with it. It motivates me to hear other success stories on a daily basis and reminds me that if they’re doing it I’m not giving up!

  124. So far, so good! I’m working out 4-6 times a week and keeping close track of my caloric intake. I intend to keep up with the challenges, but had a hard time with the no bread challenged because I got a stomach virus that week and could only handle toast and crackers. I’ve lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks and I feel great!!

  125. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks a lot for the mini challenges you give us everyweek. We were snowed in for two weeks, so I was not able to make it to the gym, however, following your mini chanllenges have helped me stay on track. I have only lost 2 pounds but I know that when I’m able to make it to the gym, I’ll see better results. Thanks again for being such an inspiration.

  126. Hi Michelle,

    I’m doing well and really trying to lift as heavy as I can. As you predicted, eating this much is challenging. It would be easy to get enough calories if I ate a bunch of junk, but I didn’t think that junk would help me build muscle!

    The weekly challenges are fun and help build camaraderie in the RR. No dairy is not much of a challenge for me I’m afraid. Like you, I discovered accidently that dairy was responsible for a lot of my tummy problems. It bothered my youngest daughter if I ate or drank dairy while she was nursing, so I stopped and lo and behold *I* felt much better, too.

    Thanks again!

  127. This program is amazing!!!!:) I am finding it really exciting. I loved last weeks challenge a lot. I never dreamed in a million years that I could do 100 lunges each day for a week. The food challenges are not that hard since I only eat ezekiel bread and stay away from dairy already. I would love another butt challenge or ab challenge;)

  128. I’m doing GREAT, Michelle. I feel so strong, energetic and motivated. The RR is amazing and really helps to keep me focused and accountable. I’m even thinking about competing someday cause I’m having so much fun watching my body transform. I’ll require your services if I decide to go for it…

    The mini-challenges are cool and I especially enjoyed the lunges. Eliminating milk will be no problem but I DO eat a lot of cheese so that might be a challenge. I already missed having it this morning in my omelet 🙁

    The scale is holding steady but I’m not discouraged. I know I’m gaining muscle; I can feel it all over my body and see it in the mirror 🙂

    Thanks for all you do Michelle. You’re the best!


  129. I have had a really great time in the contest so far!! The best thing about it at this point is all the ENERGY I feel from other participants!! GO TEAM BUFFMOTHER!! I just love the inspiration, encouragement and excitement that you give me!! THANKS!!

  130. Things are going good. Staying on track, doing the mini challenges, diet has been good, and workouts are consistent. Thanks so much for your positive encouragement!

  131. Hey Michelle!
    I am so excited about this challenge and I love having the reminder that I am accountable to you and most importantly, to myself, for stepping out and commiting to a challenge like this. I am doing great… my workouts are staying consistent even though I have returned back to college this semester after being out 10 years. And, my diet is back on track after taking some time off eating clean. I feel so much stronger in the gym and I have a lot of energy… the best part is with eating NO sugar, I am not starving! The good foods I choose keep me feeling satisfied. I am seeing results and staying hopeful that I will look like I imagine by the end of this challenge. Oh, and I love the mini challenges! Thanks Michelle!

  132. Hey Michelle,
    I am doing great with the challenges but the weekends are really hard as far as staying true to my buffing nutrition. I at 3 pieces of pizza Saturday and Nacho’s on Sunday. I feel it this morning as my fingers are swollen from all the sodium! 🙁 I did a 2 hour cardio workout this weekend and helped move some furniture and I was starving all weekend! I should have drank more water I think….no excuses….just simply a lack of control and that is where my problem lies! I am telling myself today that I am going to stick to my diet next weekend without fail. WISH ME LUCK!!! No Dairy this week!

  133. Howdy! Things are going GREAT! I’m pushing myself farther than I thought I could go. Could tighten up on my eats but they’re still going well also. Going to continue with the 100 lunges every day until the contest is over 🙂

  134. This 70 day challenge is exactly what I’ve needed! The no bread and 100 lunges, along with HT book eating and workout plan, supplements, and RR encouragements amp up my energy and how I’m attacking it all!! I don’t do dairy much at all so I’m using coconut creamer for coffees and I’ll probably keep at the previous mini-challenges as I can. Time for me to be a BuffMommy!

  135. Doing great on the contest. Took my progress photos this past friday and am LOVIN IT! Can’t wait til this friday to see even more changes.

    I do have a sinus infection going on right now but I am not lettin gthat get in my way of progress. Went from 168 to 164 so far but the photos show soooo much more than the scale. I am so MOJO’ed up! Keep the mini challenges coming. LOVED the lunges. I think I am going to keep do ing them for the rest of the competition.

    Thanks for everything Michelle (and the rest of you that have been keeping me in check. LOL)
    Tammy 🙂

  136. Hey Michelle,

    I’m rockin’ it and feelin’ great! I am down 3 lbs since the start of our challenge for a total of 13 overall! I was SO proud of myself this past Sat for attending and completing a 2hr total body cardio class! I felt strong and accomplished in the end. Signed up for another one in a month! I’m so glad that I joined this challenge as it’s helping to hold me accountable and keep me consistent, which is what I was struggling with!

    Thanks for the giving me that extra hitch in my giddy up that I needed!

    Krystal- TX

  137. Hey you! Don’t beat yourself up! You do that a lot I’ve noticed! You are amazing and such an inspiration to me! Do you know how many calories we burned in that workout Sat morning!??!?!? You probably needed those 3 slices of pizza! I know I couldn’t drink enough water on Sat and then on Sun I needed food. I’m even finding that today I’m hungrier than normal, needing more food to fuel my body from the intensity we showed it Sat! LOVE YOU!

  138. Hi Michelle!
    This challenge has been just what I needed to finally be accountable to getting in the best shape I can be! Now for the confession….I haven’t done as many workouts as I wanted to, I’ve slipped up with sweets (my downfall). But I’m realizing that maybe this contest is less about losing the weight (haven’t checked if I have but my clothes fit better!) and more about establishing the discipline I need to stay healthy. I have lots of good excuses, but none are worth mentioning.

    This is a new week! I’m starting fresh! I have a workout plan and plan to stick to it no matter what the kids or life throw my way!

    No dairy will be tough because I find that cottage cheese and greek yogurt are my go-to quick protein choices. But I’m going to do it! OOoo I will miss the cheese!

    Thanks for being an inspiration! One of the things that sticks with me is your comment about looking in the mirror and thinking “I will have a flat stomach again”. After 3 kids, this has really helped me embrace making a change and not just hating my body! So thanks!


  139. Hey there Michelle!
    It is hard to believe that we’re starting Week 4 already. Though I feel like I want faster results, I remind myself that I am going in the right direction. Since the contest start date I have lost 5 lbs. and I am definitely happy about that as I believe it has to be fat! My muscle building is showing! Workouts have been 6 days/week every week, alternating daily with lifting and cardio. If I had more time, I would lift every day but I feel like I need the cardio too. Clean Eating is the name of the game, since 1/24 I’ve had no sweets or processed foods, except for Valentine’s – I had ONE Ghirardelli Vanilla Dream square – 70 calories and that was the extent of my chocolate intake – much different from years past! YEAH! I did it!!…even amongst all the JUNK available to me at my son’s class party – not 1 bite for me!
    I like the mini challenges and have been doing them. I fell behind on the lunges but I want to continue doing them on a daily basis. I would like an AB challenge too. Thanks so much for all of your info and encouragement that you share! You are providing a great service for all of us women becoming Buff Mothers!!!

  140. Thanks so much for all the feedback and comments!! I really love interacting with you~ I’ll be checking back soon to try to give you each some feedback!!
    Keep working hard!! it’s worth every bit!!

  141. I am doing well! I have tracked my food daily, kept up with the workouts and done well in the mini challenges (well, except the dairy one. My best friend is a dairy farmer and we sell cow shares so this one is a difficult one!) The weight loss is slow but I am focusing on the mind this round 🙂 The weight loss will come!

  142. Thank you Michelle for your encouragement and opportunity to get back on track. I had to take six week off of all lower body work because of a hip injury. Thankfully all is well and I got the go ahead to resume all exercises at the same time SSS started. The six weeks were during the holidays and because of my limits I stressed about it and made bad food choices. But that is behind me I am pressing on with PMA and looking towards a cruise in June and 1/2 marathon in may, I hope. These past few weeks I have done the mini challenges except for all the lunges. No dairy is an easy one since I am lactose intolerant. My biggest need is to get away from calorie counting and trust my body’s signals of hunger and satiety. Each day I make progress! Thank you!

  143. Hey Michelle!
    This time has been FLYING by! I have been faithful at working out 4-5x a week, incorporating weights many of the days. I haven’t been loosing the weight I was hoping for, but I am determined to keep doing it. I eat really well Sun-Thurs but on Fridays and Saturdays I totally blow it, I told myself I NEED to quit doing that. I loved the lunges challenge, I only missed one day. I’m not sure how well I will do with no dairy, I love my one glass of milk with supper and my greek yogurt for lunch everyday :-/

  144. Hey Michelle, thanks for starting this contest, it has really made me do a 180 and buckle down. I feel I’m doing great, the scale disagrees. I’ll know for sure when I take measurements again in a few days. I’ve been sticking with clean eating w/the exception of 1 day a week and w/the exception of this past weekend. I PIGGED OUT both Sat. and Sun and feel I sabotaged all of my hard work. But today however, being that I just read the 1st three chapters of your Hormonal Timing book I am thinking about things differently. 🙂 I’ll know more in the next week but I DO feel amazingly better and I believe that once I start applying HT I will really start seeing a difference and feel accomplished within a couple months. My pants are fitting better I must say so that makes me feel good. I have not yet stopped feeling sore though in any part of my body and have been at it for three weeks w/exercise…is that normal? I’m definitely stronger my son Drew feels sooo much lighter and I can carry him around a lot longer now, it’s great! Speaking of, my oldest is hungry so I have to stop typing. Thanks again for writing this book I mean, it is just “LIGHT BULB!!” awakening for me.
    Have a great day!

  145. Not so good. Little girl and I got really sick last week and this week my son has it. Only worked out 2x since 2/7…..hoping to make up for it starting tomorrow! Also, eats have been way off due to illness and Valentines yummies! Gotta get back on track soon!!!!

  146. hey! im good and i feel like i’ve been doing good and doing everything you’ve been asking. bt last week i was sick so did really do the lunges the way i wanted. but i did get some done. but im not losing the weight the way i want but i am losing so that still good.

  147. Hi Michelle, you totally rock for getting me inspired and moving again.
    Right now its Friday of week 4 and I have just finished my second lbw for the week.
    Have been pumping out 4 workouts plus 5 x cardio a week for the last 3.75 weeks, and have noticed a increase in my strength- YES!, body is feeling firmer, clothes are looser or fitting as they should, cant wait to see what the next few weeks bring.
    The mini challenges are awesome, didnt think I’d cope with the 100 lunges a day, but they have been awesome, and I think I surprised myself there.

  148. Kelli!! you are on fire…I love that you are surprising yourself and having great results!! Keep at it!!

  149. WOW!! that’s great commitment to be able to chart your food every day! With focus like that you are sure to get results. STAY AT IT!!

  150. It sounds a lot hard than it is and once you get rollin’ with consistent lunges the results keep you putting in the work.
    Great idea to have an ab focus challenge!! We need to add that to the final few weeks!! thanks!

  151. Oh you are so sweet!! I am so happy you are part of our team and that we’ve helped you gain such physical confidence and health!!
    You are transforming!! God Bless you as you travel home!

  152. Hi Michelle! I’m SO glad you started this contest. I had NO IDEA how bad my eating habits were, and I admit I’ve struggled a lot with getting my portions and carb/protein ratio in check, but I’m getting better each week, and learning my strengths and weaknesses. That counts for something, right? The food related mini-challenges I have struggled with for sure. The lunges: ROCKED IT! I went shopping for some better snacks to keep around the house, and that’s helping a lot! My weight is still close to the same, but my clothes are fitting better.

    Thank you SO much for convincing me to start this contest…hopefully I will be able to wear a bikini with pride this summer!

  153. Glad I could help give you a “wake up call” on your diet. And way to go on having your clothes fit better…it’s about your composition more than your weight. I am sure you are losing fat and rebuilding muscle. Now that you’ve got 4 weeks under your belt you’ll start seeing that your metabolism will kick it up a notch and weight loss will come!
    Love ya girl!!

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