I am in Omaha!

HI!  I made it to Omaha at about 4 and have been BUSY ever since~!!

I got my car rental
I got my nails painted
I got a little cardio workout in- 20 mins on ther bike and 15 mins on the tready
I talked to Brenda!! ~ she’s fired UP!!!
I showered
I got to see Deb pose in her suit~ she’s RIPPED!
I got to go to out to a cool spot for dinner with Lisa and Deb! They are the sweetest!! Here we are last year at Council Bluffs…

and NOW I am here seeing all of the SUPER STAR posts!  WOW!!! you are all spectacular!!

Could you do me a BIG time favor?  Pray for me…I am sick with a bad head cold…it started 2 nights ago with a horrid sore throat, moved to my sinues and now it’s in my ears and lungs.  I need to get back to 100% ASAP!  THANKS!

Love ya!!




5 Replies to “I am in Omaha!

  1. Great to hear you made it and are having fun,sorry to hear about your cold–hope ya get better! If you’re up for it,you and your girlfriends should come down to old town tonight and party with us– Take care and get well soon.

  2. Hi! Hope everyone had a great time! I am so mad I won’t be able to go to the book signing or seminar. I have a flu bug and I’ve been sick now for two days, so I won’t see you guys….Keep me posted on what’s going on…..

  3. You all are some buff mothers. I mean seriously. This is great! Keep it up! You are all an inspiration!

  4. YOu don’t need anyting to participate, lol! I’d love to have you sign up for my 40 days to FIT challenge~ it’s a fun way to gain some momentum and base knowledge.

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