BUSY Week #2!! is here~!!

Hey ya~ I’ve already started my day with no bread  (mini-challenge for the week) by eating a banana and eggs.  Whoohoo!! this week’ll be challenging but just what I need!
Week #1 went really well for me workout wise and I can totally see that workouts drive me to eat better and better!!  In total I got in 5 lifting workouts and 3 intervals.

This week’s POA is as follows:

ABS with each workout

M-Back, Sh, Biceps, Intervals- Gunner’s football Game!!
T- Legs
W-Chest and intervals
Th- Travel day off (maybe I’ll get in some intervals after the flight)
F- Back, Sh, Biceps, Intervals with 2 good friends on Omaha!! 🙂
Sa- off again- BUSY work day!
Su- workout at hotel gym- LOWER BODY!
M- Travel day- Off again- Gunner’s fooball game!!

The weekend for me was a good “rest” but I am getting a bit stressed about all the stuff I must get done prior to traveling to Omaha.  I’ve not traveled much the past few months and am a BAD packer!  So I tend to bring too much stuff and get confused on what I really need, lol! 

The EXCITMENT for the weekend ahead though really is pushing me forward and makes me feel very happy and blessed to have so many great friends!!  I LOVE going to Omaha~ it’s always a total blast!!!  I can’t wait to see all friends and to see Brenda and Deb compete~ whoohoo!!! They are going to look smashing up on stage!

I’ve gotta Go, for now…but I’ll be back to “try” and keep up with all of your blogs!  Keep them coming and keep on encouraging others with comments!  It works!!




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