UFC Fighters are Super Heroes!

Hey Ya!! 

It’s FRIDAY and we’ve made it most of the way through week #1 with amazing success!!! I love all the energy and exicitement here in the rally room.  All of you are what keep me going!!!  On tap for me this weekend is watching the UFC fights!! I love it~ a couple of the fighters I am cheering for are Franklin and CroCop.  The fights are in Dallas this time…Just 6 hours away…ROAD TRIP anyone?  In my opinion UFC Fighters are Super HEROES!

 Here’s a video to keep you pumped up for the SSS contest and know this is a LIFESTYLE!!

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  1. One of my very very close friends is Rodrigo Gracie! He’s a stud. I have a question with fitness and he answers. They’re very disciplined! And very motivating!

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