I am so FIRED UP!!!

I am so FIRED UP!!!

It seems like I’ve been anticipating the start of this contest forever!! I can’t believe it’s finally here!!  I feel like I am starting on a 10 week “Adventure Vacation” with a couple hundred other amazing women!!! ~  I am so FIRED UP!!!  Thanks for being excited too~ we are going to have a blast!

I’ve had a couple days of decent workouts~ after my little “REST” phase….excluding the last 2 days,  I’ve only gotten in about 4-5 workouts during the past 2 weeks. Which has been very good for me!  I needed the rest and RECHARGE!!

Today’s workout went like this:

Talked to our SUPER HERO, 1st place winner, Professional Figure Athlete, DEB GRAY while tanning
Warm up R-bike 10 mins
Leg extensions- 3 sets warm up/ pre-exhaust
Leg curls- standing one leg at a time- a “new” machine for me 3 sets


Lateral Raises with 10# plates- between squat sets
3x 20 reps

Abs on ball- 2 sets

Dead Lifts
95x20reps…I realized “Hey! You’re back is healthy enough…It’s time to put on more weight!”

Squats- one more set of 135×10 reps

One leg at a time leg pressx3 sets
Calf raises- 3 sets
Butt Squats on smith- 1 set
Smith Lunges- 4 sets

Abs on floor mat- 3 sets various types
Walking Lunges- 2 sets of 30 steps with 55# on back

Abs on floor mat- 3 sets various types

It was a very good solid final BOOSTING workout for me…I’ve decided to start buffing early because I wanna look extra good for all the events in Omaha~ I leave to go there in just 10 days!  AND I am sick of Boosting~ I thought I got my period yesterday (would have been only a 25 day cycle) but I was just spotting.  Tomorrow will be c-day 28 and I expect TOM will come no later than by TUESDAY.

I wanna point out that I am doing this contest too~ I am not just a leader/coach/trainer in this I am also a contestant!  I made sure to get READY for the contest just as I instructed you to….

1.  I got it out of my system~ I went out to dinner on Friday night and ATE some YUMMY stuff…Beer, Bang-Bang Shrimp, BREAD with GARLIC/olive oil (lots of bread and OIL), a steak, asparagus, a glass of wine!!  It was my final “cheat”!  I enjoyed  IT while keeping in mind that you will strive to RESIST these kind of “cheats” over the next 10 weeks!
2. On Saturday I went shopping and the entire time thought~ “Protein and GREENS”…i think I may have to go again soon, but I’m stocke up with enough stuff until at least WEDNESDAY!!
3. JOURNAL…doing it now!
1- When were you at your peak
physical condition?
I was training for a contest in February of 2006…I felt ON TOP OF the WORLD!  I remember thinking “I wonder HOW much better in shape I can get?  where on earth is the limit!?”  I was so focused, So happy, So relentless, SO confident and was enjoying it SOOOO Much!
2- What do you have to change about your current habits to attain results like that again?
My stumbling blocks recently have been to do with “time”- I have the time, but I feel like I need to spend my time working…instead of working out. Which in all reality is silly because being in GREAT shape is part of my job, lol!
3- What is your #1 goal for the next 10 weeks? What are the “solutions” you must stay focused upon in order to attain that goal?
I need to GIVE myself the time to workout, to try new things, to take some classes, to explore new “fitness” goals, etc… I really need to just allow myself these 10 weeks to focus on balancing my life, invest in my goals and focus on ME!  I don’t want to lose any weight, but maybe trade a little tiny bit of body fat~for muscle.  I’ll  easily do that by following my workout plan~and eating how I know I need to! 5-4-3-2-1 baby.  I also want to stay away from any alcohol…Summer is always a time when I want “BEER”!  Now that summers almost over, beer drinking needs to be over too! LOL!  I will replace those with Water, Herbal Tea, Ice Tea and Protein Shakes– YUM!
I’ll be checking in again with you tomorrow!! Let’s have a great week!!  Good night!
Your fellow SSS competitor!!

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