NON-labor Day PARTY!! and SSS!!!!

I’ve always wondered why Labor day was called LABOR DAY…It should be “NON-Labor Day!”  I am trying to trick myself into thinking I am NOT laboring, but I am~ I am getting set for our SSS Contest…we are just a week away from the START DAY! and I’ve got some work that has to be done for that before tomorrow.

I will be sending this out tomorrow to over 4000 people~ but I figured you may like to “hear” the news first~ I’ve also posted much of the same information here in the Forum.

HI Team BuffMother!
I am so excited about all the Super NEWS I have to share with you this month.  I’ll try to make this simple by including just the FACTS with links to more information.
1. As a way to SAY THANKS~ I am giving A BIG 20% off orders on when you use the coupon code:
BTW~ I’ve just recently updated my store, please check it out!
2. We have a BIG CONTEST~ starting 9/14…the second annual “SuperSTAR Success” 10 week Contest.  It’s all about helping you be CONSISTENT! and be HOT for the HOLIDAYS!!
More info:
3. I am traveling to Omaha, NE on 9/26 and 9/27 for the 3rd year in a row…to watch 2 of my favorite BuffMother Friends (Deb Gray and Brenda Herrod) compete, to do a book signing and to give seminar.  Please come see me!
More info:
4. Do you love YouTube?? Then you’ll love my new Video Coaching!!
I am launching it in conjunction with our SSS contest..if you sign up now using your coupon code it’s less than $100.  It’ll arm you with all the training tools you need to succeed!!
More info:
5. Have you visited our Rally Room recently?  We’ve updated it and are continually improving it’s features.  Please, check it out for FREE!
More info:
I have more items I want to share, but figured I’ll leave it at 5 items for today!!
Let’s have a SUPER SEPTEMBER!!
Your friend,

Hope you are enjoying all  your HOLIDAY FESTIVITES, SUPER HERO STYLE~



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