"Super Hero Septemeber!!!"

“She’s a superhero”; “You’re a superhero”; “Man!! I’d love to be a Super Hero” ; “Brett Favre is a Super Hero!!”  It is cool to be a super hero!! So…  My theme for this month is “Super Hero September”!  The definition of a super hero used to be based upon fictional “super powers”…if you had a super power you were then able to claim SUPER HERO status.  I my mind this isn’t’ the case…Super Heros are all around us they are in many forms, shape, sizes and most often do not have fictional super powers!   “Super Hero September” is going to be all about anything to do with super heros!  I think it’ll be a fun theme and please comment along the way with your own thoughts and ideas about superheros and be sure to tell us about the super heros in your life!!

One thing that I know all Super Heros posses is PASSION!! they are so deeply passionate about their beliefs that no matter the obstacles or villains that stand in the way…they ALWAYS win!  It’s their PASSIONATE PASSION that makes them Super!!  I challenge you to get more passionate about your passions this month and you too can be a Super Hero!!

I have so many passions which makes it impossible to be passionate about all of them… that’s why we are so much stressed and feel so frazzled!!  We are simply pulled and  pushed into so many different directions that NOTHING seems to be SUPER about us…we just end up being Goood at a lot of things vs. SUPER at 1 or 2.

That’s why this month I am going to focus on  being extra super passionate  2 things:

#1- www.BuffMother.com – my business and passion~ I founded BuffMother because  I am passionate about helping women attain their best body life and legacy!!   I am so blessed to be in the position to help others!!
#2- Love~ I LOVE people…especially my family, Hubby Travis and my 4 kids.  I want to learn more about love, exude love, give love, feel love  and become LOVE!!

Now on to my workout today~

Warm up 12 mins r-bike
leg press~ 2 sets for warm up


During  REST~Bulgarians
2sets no weight

Dead Lifts
95x10reps conentional (start from scratch each one)

Leg press
90×15 +calf raises
140×10 + calf raises

Leg Extensions (singles)
35x10x3sets alternating each leg

Leg curls- went light because my rt. hammie felt weird
paired with roman chair knee ups 2 big sets

Calf raises (rotary machine) 2 sets
paired with abs 2 sets

That was it!!

Let’s all strive to be SUPER HEROS!!

p.s. just for my own record…I worked out yesterday a bit: walk; 20 mins bike; 3 sets perfect push ups &  Sunday I went for a run (fasted)



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