September goals

Hey All~ I’ve spent a bunch of time yesterday and today listening to sermons and Reflecting about something Pastor Cass said in his message last week~ “it’s time to get more Passionate about our PASSIONS!!”

I’ve also been thinking a lot about the upcoming month!  I am very excited for September to be here and for all the FUN times in store!!

September Goals

Week of
spirit work family fitness
Aug 31st Kids book of devotions daily; Bible Daily
read “Reduce me to Love”
Get ready for the SSS contest!!!


chore time with kids at 4pm daily;Have fun watching football together; add some walks in on the trails- kids have a long weekend for labor day buffing hard again…goal is to weigh 125 by the end of week
Sept 7th Kids book of devotions daily; Bible Daily

Read Joel Osteen’s book

Promote September events ; videos Gunner’s first FB game of the season;Kid have big church event Boosting

3 day split BIG time ; lift heavy and add in some extra cardio

Sept 14 pray about SSS and Omaha event- HUGE results and HUGE participation Prep for Omaha event Have some fun- zoo, pool, lake, etc… **SSS** contest starts

3 day split add in sprints again

Sept 21 KEEP GOD #1!! Prep and Leave for Omaha prep family for work trip; buffing hard again… get looking GREAT for Omaha event

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