40 days to FIT~ Day 39

Hey ya Ladies!! Well I feel sooo much better today than yesterda and I DID do the SMART thing and listen to my body by taking it easy on my workout yesterday. I just did a couple sets of push ups…one set of 14 and another of 35. Today is going to be a FUN day~ we are going golfing.

Here’s a quick vlog about it:

Hope you have a fun day!!
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  1. I hope you had a blast yesterday! We’re going golfing too at our timeshare on the 19th-26th. It’s my first time golfing and I’m so excited! I tried the driving range and that’s what gave me the bug. LOL!

  2. I hope to play gold again one day with my hubby. We just started together before he got sick. Have a good one Michelle!

  3. Hi! I just got invited and I am sad it it to late? What can I do instead? I like the idea of graduating LOL Something extra to keep me motivated. I read your book cover to cover finally and I want to thank you! Not only have I lost 44lbs but I have also used Hormonal Timing to get my finances together and I just ordered the Hormonal timing supplements! Thanks Again!! You Rock!!

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