40 days to FIT!! Day 22~ Ready "To Monday"!

Is it just me or are Mondays a bit intimidating to you too?  BUT today I am ready “To Monday”!! cheerleaders

To Monday means so many things:

  • time to get a vision for the week ahead and build up excitement for what I can accomplish on the week ahead!!
  • feeling a little twinge of fear/intimidation about all the “work’ I hope to accomplish in the day ahead
  • time to a my clean up my diet and get in a killer first workout of the week
  • time to interact with clients, friends and business partners online, on the phone and in person
  • PEACE an quiet around the house…the kids are in school~ YAY!
  • time to “clean up”; make lists, organize and prioritize
  • time TO ATTACK IT!

My Monday is off to a great start~  I woke up on time despite an “alarm malfunction”; got the kids off to school; remembered to get the lunchroom a check for “lunch money”; I’ve taken my morning supplements (allergy pill + NOEXPLODE+ Garlic), and currently am eating breakfast (protein shake and banana +coffee); doing some laundry;  and I’ve even already checked my e-mail…. a GREAT START!! and I expect that trend to continue!  I am so ready “TO MONDAY” today!!

What about you are you ready “TO Monday”?



24 Replies to “40 days to FIT!! Day 22~ Ready "To Monday"!

  1. I’m VERY ready “To Monday”! My toffee is in the celebrity swag bags at the Teen Choice Awards tonight! 😀 I had to make 250 of them!

  2. I couldn’t sleep last night because of everything I have planned for this week. Crazy. Where’d you get that great bathing suit? I’m shopping for a 2-piece that has more coverage for the girls.

  3. I kind of fell off the band wagon, but I will say I have lost 7 lbs in about 2 weeks so that’s a partial accomplishment, but I know I really need to workout. My POA for this week is to get my alternate workouts in the morning. I have to study for my license to sell life insurance which I’ll be taking this Thursday so I have to really buckle down and get determined on all aspects! Thanks for this challenge.

  4. Ready for the World…….and Monday!!……Got new nails this weekend…..hubby insisted….he says there sexy….trying to get used to them….but they do look good….Having a fun time on FaceBook….very motivating….dont want old school mates to see me fat so I put up select pics that dont show too much…..but as I progress I think I will start showing before and afters….well see…..Gym today…Chest/tris….Woo Hoo!!!….Starting abs today…..Hope I DONT PUKE!!! =0)

  5. enjoy the boosting~! I talked to my Mom yesterday and it sounded like you had a GREAT vacation!!

  6. My DH likes nails too~ so do I…i’ve actually had mine off now for about 6 months, but have decided it’s time to get them back on!

  7. I’m with ya!!! I’m back to real life again after a super vacation so back to workouts after 12 days off. Today is the start of boosting so I’m really Mondayin’ it!!!

  8. Hey…just finished up my first day with students back at school. I was so happy with what I wore to school. I feel so much better after working out for the last 22 days!

  9. Thanks! It wasn’t that hard, I’ve done 250 before for a wedding a while back. Christopher Atkins LOVED my toffee and so did Noah Cyrus who kept sneaking back for more! I know everyone loved it, but that’s what I got from my PR so far. 😀

  10. I never used to be…but MAN recently I am totally a beat on Monday and can’t get anything “going” until the afternoon.

  11. I am so ready “to Monday!!!!”My diet this weekend wasnt as clean as i would have liked it to be, but i did get in a sunday morning workout!And this morning is starting out great as far as the eating thing is concerned.Off to pick the kids up from camp and then definately a good leg, butt workout with some abs thrown in.Gotta look good in the bikini!!!

  12. My monday is tomorrow so this was a perfect read for a Sunday Night!!! I am ready to hit monday hard!!!!!!!! COme on Monday Bring It On!!!!

  13. I’m ready to “Thursday”… to look at what I still need to do before the end of the week… and HIT IT!

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