40 days to FIT!! Day 18… Q&A!

Hi all~ today is “Tired Thursday” and day 18 of our 40 days to FIT and day 19 of my cycle~ which means it’s time to BOOST!!  I finished off my buffing phase nicely at 127~ that’s a good weight for me considering I am on Creatine.  I feel lean…at the gym I could see lots of definition in my shoulders and arms and abs!!  FUN to see what’s “under there” and Fun to know the CREATINE is working!!

Today I’d like to share a little Q & A from my BodyBuilding.com private messages:

Question from CINDY~
Hey,Wow – you are such an inspiration to me. Please, please tell me what your daily nutrition is like–I would just love to know what you eat in a day’s time.

Also, your ab routine – would you please share!! I know we are all different, but I had two kids back-to-back (15 months apart). After my first child was born, my stomach went straight back to normal, but when my 9 pound son was born, he really did a number on me. I guess my stomach couldn’t take it so close together. I have flat abs now and I don’t mind working them, but the skin doesn’t look that hot. I have gotten it a lot tighter, but w/o having an abdominoplasty, I would like to see if I could take it to a higher level. Could you just look at my pictures, possibly, and give me any suggestions??? I would appreciate it so MUCH!!





Thanks for the compliments Cindy~ You are really kicking tail…I love what you wrote in your profile about not being too old to get results (BTW-  47 is NOT OLD!!)… You are right on!!!

…I know how frustrated you must be with your tummy, but just look at how much it HAS improved. I can see that you still have room for improvement in your progress pics for sure.

As for advice there are 2 things~

  1. lift heavy often…all the while keeping your tummy tight and engaged
  2. do abs DAILY!

Other than that…I’ve written a book “After Baby ABS” that contains my secret recipe to great abs~ I am sure you would find it helpful.

it’s available on my site www.buffmother.com

Keep working hard, your tummy will improve more and more…once you get another 3-4 months of HARD ab training under your belt, you will get a better picture of if you really have to have a tummy tuck~ that surgery is NASTY and I’d consider it a “last resort”.

As for diet-

Honestly I don’t follow a “meal plan”…never have and never will.  Here is a link to some info about my diet:


Also, I go through my diet in detai in my books~

Have a stellar Day!!

“The key to your motivation is to encourage others”



16 Replies to “40 days to FIT!! Day 18… Q&A!

  1. Yup. And that’s one of the reasons I love ya… always willing to help somebody out! I love that you don’t have a set diet and thanks to you, neither will I and never will! If anybody on here hasn’t ordered Michelle’s books yet, Order now. You won’t regret it! Tons of new information that you never knew about yourself and your body! 😀

  2. Hey Michelle, I really want to order your book and the vitamins to go with it. Do any of the vitamins interfere with oral contraceptives.

  3. Cool…and in no way do the vitamins interfere. Here’s a link that shows the ingredients:

  4. For the first time ever I know what It means when someone says “I feel lean!!!” I feel so much lighter!! I have lost 45lbs and have a long way to go but this site has totally changed my life!!! Thanks so much!!

  5. For the first time ever I know what It means when someone says “I feel lean!!!” I feel so much lighter!! I have lost 45lbs and have a long way to go but I am getting there!

  6. I’ve been working abs everyday for the past 2 weeks and can really tell the difference. They are getting rock hard but there’s still a small layer of fat covering them up. Someday I WILL be able to see them, lol 🙂

  7. I love your book “After Baby Abs”. Even though its been 6 years since giving birth, this book is still great for me! I can see my stomach taking shape!

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