40 days to FIT!! Day 16…LEGS!

Hey ya!! How’s it going?~ I can’t believe I am already 16 days into this 40 day challenge!! Things are going great and I love all the excitement from the comments on the featured blog posts!!! It’s so fun to interact with you on your journeys to FIT!!! Today was legs day for me!~ WHEEE!!!

I didn’t end up going to the gym until about 4…and it looked so weird when I got there. The gym just installed  NEW LIGHTS! Wow~ it was BRIGHT!

My workout went like this:

warm up
SQUATS~ knee ups between sets
Leg press
Calf Raises- between sets
leg curls- roman chair knee ups between sets
Smith butt squats
Smith Lunges- shoulder external rotation betweens sets
Leg Extensions
ab wheel between sets

then I tried to run~ Treadmill NOT FUN!!  I made it for 7 mins with 2 interals at 9mph~ I thought I was going to die…running AFTER a leg workout does not work!

Day #16-FIT tip-
Strive to get in “extra” outdoor activities whenever possible…30 mins of Sunshine and fresh air daily is a key  to good health.  A great idea activity: Wash your car yourself and rinse away 200 calories~! Picnic

Day #16-Feature-

Please comment for your accountability~ stay focused…25 days(including today) left to get FIT!!!

Enjoy the Sunshine!!
BuffMother, Michelle Berger



17 Replies to “40 days to FIT!! Day 16…LEGS!

  1. Staying commited. Heading to the gym for sculpting class then some upper work. Focusing on increasing my weights steadily, which I’ve never done. Love the results. Thanks for the ok to do that. Use to think reps was the answer. (no results) Enjoy your day!

  2. Always read the email notifications from my BlackBerry, but can’t post from it for some reason. So I’m making up for lost days… The email is great encouragement though!

  3. Got a workout for the next two weeks! My friend from Michigan is visiting with her 3 little ones. We’re gonna have a full house here! 😀

  4. I worked out today on my upper body. I followed your upper body video and it was really good! Many thanks

  5. day #16…I would LOVE to get outdoors and do some sort of exercise…unfortunately, the temps are climbing past 100 degrees today!!! The only outdoor activity for me is a walk to the car to go buy some sandals!!!Afterwards, I will work out in my nice cold basement!!!Seeing your legs this morning makes me want to do extra lunges!!!THANKS for the inspiration!!!

  6. LEGS like that – I WANT! So far I’ve done 25 lunges today but will do 100 total and will try to do that every day this week. I can feel these quads growing (or is that groaning? LOL) with every step!

  7. I worked out yesterday with a drill sarg from Ft Hood!! Sweet huh?
    And I walked for my 30min lunch!!

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