40 days to FIT!! Day 15…Whoohooo x 3!!!!

Today is Monday~ and the first day of School for my 4 kids, Whoohoo!!! The are in 4th, 2nd and 1st grades this year and they were all sooooo fired up for school it was GREAT! I don’t remember ever liking school, but it’s fun that my kids do Laughing

Right after I got them to school I went to the gym~ it’s really nice that I got it done first thing today! I lifted chest, tri’s, abs and finished off with intervals on the r-bike. Another Whoohooo!! for that!!!

And the 3rd Whoohooo~ is for our new and improved Rally Room Gallery!!! I am so pumped that my “Helper of Buffmother”/Darcie was able to get it up and working!!! Thank YOU!!! Be sure if you have any questions about it post them or pm one of us about it~ you’ll find it really nice for posting your progress pics etc. The gallery even allows for bulk uploads, comments and sub-albums. Whoohooo!!!

Let’s all have a super WHOOHOOO’rific week~~~!!!
p.s. here is one of my FAVORITE new photos from my last shoot:



21 Replies to “40 days to FIT!! Day 15…Whoohooo x 3!!!!

  1. Hi! just wanted to let you know that i have given you and your blog the “Honest Scrap Award”-come check by my post to see what its all about!

    OH and btw-i totally LOVE the pics!! (and as always,reading along-love feeling your positive energy!!)

  2. yes in my opinion there is…ideal is to make your workouts fit into a LIFESTYLE…spending more than 1 hour working out total in a day is hard to maintain if you have a life beyond fitness. that’s one of the many reasons I do intervals- just about 20 mins 3-4 times a week.

  3. Big Shrimp salad for lunch……Adding more weights and more sets to chest day……Is there such a thing as too much cardio…..What is Ideal?

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  5. didnt feel up to working out today after my 4th of July bash…TIRED!!!!!….but i just looked at your picture, and now im motivated!!!! Thanks!!!

  6. Thanks for the reminder I have been overdoing the cardio lately!!! I need to get back in a routein with weights

  7. you look amazing!!! Today I am going with my mom to a “look better feel better” clinic for cancer patients so hopefully I will be able to get some intervals and an ab circuit in while i wait around!! But I love the idea of putting a skipping rope in my travellers bag- last time I went to Florida I used a sack of oranges as weights to work out since the hotels “gym” was a little shabby and consisted of one treadmill.

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