40 days to FIT!! Day 14…making my plan!

40 days to FIT!! Day 14…making my plan!

Hey!! I just got cleaned up from a HOT, SWEATY interval/ hill sprints(5)/run outside and wanted to quickly post my “plan” for the week ahead…I am finishing my buffing phase this week (today is cday 15)~ time to lean up a little more!! Pretty basic but tough workout routine for the week:

M-Chest, Tris, intervals
W-Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Intervals
Th- START BOOSTING~ Chest, Tris, Intervals
Sa- Back, Shoulders, Biceps and

PLUS~ LOTS of ABS~ every workout 🙂

Let’s all plan on having a killer week!!!




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  1. You keep at it! I’m trying to in MA but it’s hard being up late nights and working out in the morning. I’m doing it, but not with much pizazzz.. 😀

  2. I having a killer week. I really working hard at buffing this two weeks. Leaving for a 8 day motorcycle trip to New Mexico and need the power with me.

  3. day #14…day off today…sunday and the fourth of July:)…Actually rode my bicycle to a friends house yesterday after working out and gardening,and shoveling dirt with my husband!!!This 40 day challenge is really giving me a ridiculous amount of energy and stamina!!!HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!

  4. I wish I wasnt so sick!! Cant wait to beat this cold and add in cardio still doing weights though!! Your pics is such an inspiration you like like a movie star!!!

  5. I have a question about abs, aren’t you meant to rest them every 2nd day just like all the other muscle groups? I thought you weeren’t supposed to train them every day. If you could clear that up for me that would be great! =)

    Signing in for day 14: Have been very crabby lately and need to snap out of it. My poor family dealing with my bad moods =( Still boosting atm so today was an active rest day, no specific workout just popping in some exercises as the day went on with some walking.

    Can’t belive i’m still here normaly I would have given up by now =)
    Thanks michelle, your awesome. Love this pic by the way xx

  6. I do abs consistently and some sets for abs most days…if you hit them extra hard and they are sore- take a rest day or two, but typically I teach to do abs DAILY- they need consistent work in order to respond and they are “high volume” type muscles- so daily is how I’ve found they respond best.

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