40 days to FIT!! Day 12 and 13.."the FIRST"!!!

“the FIRST”!!! I just love the first of each month~ this month especially because School Starts on Monday!! the kids are SOOOO Excited, but not as excited as my DH…He can’t wait for the kids to be in school and out of his hair!  He’s been working out of the HOUSE this summer and He found it a little distracting to have the kids around~ go figure, lol!  At least now he knows what my life has been like for the past 10 years, lol!!

Some of my goals this month are as follows:

  • go to church each Sunday
  • get in at least 2 workouts each week first thing in the morning right after dropping the kids off at school
  • finish the “40 days to FIT” by getting SUPER BUFF!! for my wedding anniversary on the 28th of August
  • Do another photoshoot!!! they are sooo motivating for me!!
  • get everyone in Team BuffMother! excited for our next BIG contest – it starts Sept 7th!!!
  • get everything SET up for our “2nd Annual~ Midwest BuffMother Gathering” in OMAHA/Council Bluffs the last weekend in Sept!!!

I think those goals look do-able and FUN!!!

Well, yesterday was sooooo nice~ I basically got up…went to the gym, then the store and then hung out in the backyard the rest of the day.  It was sunny and a perfect time with the family.

My workout yesterday was a great one too…i lifted back, shoulders, biceps and did the STAIR MONSTER~ Here’s a quick recap:
Lat pulls
Paired with lateral raises
Lat row
paired with bicep curls
Shoulder press
paired with ABS- knee ups
Seated rows
paired with ball crunches
Cable bicep curls
paired with hanging sit ups

15 mins of intervals on the stair mill~ it was killer!

Today…the plan is to get in a leg workout and maybe a run.  One of our gyms is having a big “celebration” today~ so…I think I’ll take the kids there and see if I can’t squeeze in a bit of a leg workout while we are at the event.  I also expect to get in quite a bit of WALKING today at the event….all activity counts!!!

Have a super FIRST day of August and 13th day of 40 days to FIT!!!!!



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  1. Awesome goals! Squeezed in a 5:30AM Chest, Tri and shoulders workout before Church, now off with the family to Worship. Hope to squeeze in a run in the sunshine later today. Love to have a place to connect with others and check in for accountability!! Thank you! Thank you! Blessings to all!

  2. you had an Awesome start to your day~ way to go!! and Yes…I too have really enjoyed the energy during the first 14 days of the 40 days to fit! I hope to keep in touch with all of you through our Rally Room~ the energy in there is soooo amazing!

  3. Thanks Michelle,

    I’m finally getting over here – I appreciate your energy and motivation for everyone! As always, you look amazing.

  4. Michelle….You are such a motivation to me…..I love seeing what I can hope to accomplish….I didnt get to workout much this weekend well aside from house cleaning…..But back on track today…..Diet was still decent…..=0)

  5. I’m NEVER givin’ up!! Can’t wait for that Midwest Buffmother Gathering too! Hope I get to enjoy you all in the midst of the competition!!!!! 😮

  6. Yep, awesome goals. Love the photoshoot idea to keep motivation at the max.
    Mark Martinez,
    Is the hypergain effect for real?

  7. Glad to know that going to church is on the top of your list! That says a lot about a person. God Bless and have a Happy Easter! You’re doing a great job!

  8. Lucky day #13…im going to work extra hard today!!!Took my before pics last night…ughhhh!ok…off to do legs!!!

  9. Yeah for me! I got to the gym at 5am and did cardio warmup for 30min. then focused on arms! Feels good…. still have to resist the holiday candy in the open bowl!!!

  10. Great Idea!!! Thanks I have a goal too bought a Christmas dress and it’s straight so very motivated!!!

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