40 days to FIT!! Day 11~Hasher!

Hey all~ today I am a “Hasher“…I am writing this just after a hard interval run and I am drinking a BUD LIGHT Angel

Don’t expect to lose any weight following my example today, lol!

I am living it up as this morining I officially declared that I am on “VACATION” for the remainder of this week…but I am still compelled to visit my friend on the web~ I’d miss you if I didn’t!!  Today we had another family fun day…a good lunch out to eat Mexican and then to the mall to buy gym shoes for the kids.  Then we went to the open house at school to meet their teachers and get them set with school supplies.

My DD who is 7.5 years old lost her very first tooth today too~ I think the tooth fairy was getting worried that she’d never lose one!  That reminds me…I gotta find some money and remember to get it under her pillow at some point tonight.

OH~ and I got my photos back from my shoot today…they rock!!!  For you Rally Room members I have the link here to where you can see them on the web www.executiveimaging.biz … for everyone else, you’ll just have to wait until I post them one at a time or on one of my public galleries 🙂

Love ya!!!


Here’s one of my new pics~ me in a Green bikini on a WHITE background~!



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  1. I totally felt the same way about my twins starting kindergarten last year….it’s a whole new life once they are in school! Thanks for the props Myra!!

  2. Aren’t children just sooo much fun! Boy i can’t wait til my sons’ start kinder in 3 weeks!

    You’ve got a rockin body….I just love it!!!!

  3. Taking a vacation is worth the determination to get right back on it afterwards. Are the kiddos ready for school? Are they excited. Mine are not ready and I am not excited. I don’t feel like summer has been long enough:)

  4. Oh sweetie!! I love you~ for you it must be hard. I would die if I home schooled ours :0

  5. Yay! I’ll check out your pics. I’m feeling really lazy from not eating well and staying up late at the hospital.

  6. day #11…Im giving myself the day off today, so that I can food shop, and then spend the rest of the day on the boat with my husband and kids<3!Enjoy the day!!!

  7. Day 11 here, and it’s got to go better than yesterday!!! I was doing good for my day 10….hit the gym for 2 days in a row (20 min. cardio and split weight workouts) after having only done home workouts….BUT THEN…. it’s “trick or treat” around here and I took the 4 children out to the local business and came home with too much temptation (and to add to that, it was pizza night last night AND our kind neighbor gave us a plate load of cookies and cinnamon rolls)! I gave into the sugar tempter (I hadn’t had any for 2 days)! Now, I’ve got to resist the rest of the junk that now is in our home and I’ve got a plan to do lots of cardio to burn away last night’s carbs. 🙁

  8. Missing my swim where I do resistance training but keeping up exercises while we’re catching up with 24!

  9. I’m finding that although my pot belly is shrinking ..the weight on the scale I’m reading is not moving as much..I am although convinced that it is fat that I am losing..maybe gaining muscle ..or its fluids..thaanks and good luck:-)

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