40 days to FIT!! Day 9 & 10~ a fourth of the way there!!

Back in the day…when I was in sports the way I got through nasty training sessions like “otters” in basketball, “hills” in cross country, “laps” in soccer or “400’s” in track was to break my training sessions into fractions.  If we had 10 hills to run after 2 done…I’d think in my mind~ “wow, we are already 1/5th done.”  It was a good way for me to get through it with a positive outlook~ SOOOO… on our “40 days to Fit” Challenge I am taking the same approach.  I am already a fourth of the way done with the 40 days!!!  AND I DO think I am at least a FOURTH better than I was when I started 10 days ago!!!

FYI~ if you haven’t joined the challenge yet you still can…and PLEASE invite your friends, relatives and others to join us! “40 days to FIT” join the challenge!!!

Today is my Day 10…and let’s just say Day 9 didn’t go as planned for my workouts, I didn’t do one! …but that’s OKAY!! I had a great day and refused to let missing my workout spoil all the fun we had as a family.  With this being the last week of summer vacation I knew I’d be busier than usual.  We went to see G-Force in 3-D yesterday afternoon~ neat to see a 3D movie…but I didn’t think G-Force was very good, which doesn’t matter much because the kids liked it!  then we went out to eat~!  IT was GOOD!

I resolved last night that I’d get to the gym first thing today to do my leg workout and I did it!! It was a good one~

Warm up- 15 mins r-bike

Knee Extensions
Squats (up to 115#x10 for 2 sets!!)
Lunges-one set w/ 45#Bar
Seated Calf
Leg Press
Walking lunges- one set only- my knee was hurting
Leg curls

Now we are getting ready to go bowling for our “fun” today~ I hope to at least break 100 🙂

Enjoy your day!!!




17 Replies to “40 days to FIT!! Day 9 & 10~ a fourth of the way there!!

  1. Today is rest day..I am a little sore from day two in my quads and abs…but it is the best kind of soreness because it equals accompishment! Looking forward to tomorrows workouts!! Day 4 here I come!!! 🙂

  2. You know, I do the same thing with my workouts. When I find that a set is getting too hard, I tell myself that I’m already a third of the way through. It really does help get a good workout:)

  3. On Wednesday was my 2nd hit of crossfit this week. Its very tiring but I felt so positive about it. 4 5mins rounds. 1st round-rowing; 2 nd round- pushups; 3rd situps; 4th squats. FHEW!!!

  4. Ran/walked the 3 flights of stairs at work today 3x in a row…….I was sucking major air at the end but it felt good….also did The Firm floor legs this morning….my butt is a burnin’

  5. way to go Wendy!! My dh and I were just talking about how great exercise simply “taking the stairs” can be!!

  6. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs looks funny and it’s on 3-D. We’re in MA. right now. My stepdad got in a bad motorcycle accident. 🙁

  7. Day 10 of my 40 Days to Fit and I’ve notices changes in my arms, chest and a little on my abs, but my legs still need a long way to go. Need to get rid of the cellulite as well.

  8. Positive attitude is a must. I can easily get down on myself for not lifting as much, but Im doing much better than most people.

  9. Keep your focus on the positive and you will go UP in life!! You are doing great!! thanks for being accountable!!

  10. day #10 wow!! Im proud of myself for doing this.Ive already noticed changes in just 10 short days!!!Off to do some legs and abs…Enjoy the day:)

  11. I can not believe how different my tummy an hips feel had to make today my day off since I have the flu but other than a fever I feel great and am very happy with how my body is changing!! Thanks AGain Michelle!!!

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