40 days to Fit!! Day 8~ Another Productive Monday!!

Monday is almost done and I had a PRODUCTIVE one!!

My workout was a quickie, but effective one:

Chest/Tris/ABS and intervals run
warm up r-bike 5 mins
Chest press- 3 sets for warm up
Ab machine- 2 sets
knee ups on bench
2 sets of 30

bench  tricep dips
2sets of 10
Incline plate loaded chest press

10, 8

Knee ups on roman chair

Ball crunches- on big set of several varieties

incline flys

Overhead tricep extensions

Tricep kick backs

Run intervals- 20 mins hard mins between 9 and 10 mph; easy mins 7mph

We just got done watching “Confessions of a Shopaholic” as a family~ fun movie~!!!
hope your Monday was as productive as mine!!

have a great one!!



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  1. Unfortunately, my pc had a virus and couldn’t use it this weekend – just so that i can get access to this program, I had to come to my cousin’s to borrow his pc. Anyway, I just came from the gym and did a real good work out on legs then did 45 min. of cardio kickboxing. I feel real good! Hopefully, my hubby can get our pc going by tomorrow!

  2. thanks!!
    Well I can’t say your tummy will look exactly like mine, lol…but I do know you can make HUGE improvements on it with hard work. BELIEVE that you can and take ACTION towards sculpting your tummy~ you’ll be amazed.
    Do you have a copy of my book with all my ab secrets? “After Baby ABS!”…you can get it on http://www.buffmother.com

  3. take care of that computer…my hard drive totally died on the 4th of July…so I feel your pain!
    Way to get in a good leg workout!!!

  4. Michelle….You look awesome in that pic…..I have had 2 c-sections….so do you think I will be able to have a stomach like yours?……How do you get that lean…..what is your body fat percentage?……Went to the gym, did back and cardio….still sore from chest day……but I droped another 2 lbs……Makes 5 so far…..yeah….Leg day…..Arrgh!

  5. O….forgot to ask was that pic at Bert Wrights in Fort Smith?…..If not that is an awesome place to take pics…..Both of my daughters have done cheer and prom pics there, he has a rock waterfall and bamboo everywhere and all these little areas of his property themed out like Japanese and such….you would love it!

  6. Today was officially Day 1 for me. I got up at 5:15am to get my workout in. I started out with a 5 min warm up using the jump rope then I did squats, leg press, bench press, inlcine barbell press, military press, side lateral raises, skull crushers, seated dumbell extensions, seated calf raises and standing calf raises. My diet was on par for the day. I actually was able to eat six times and I drank about 100 ounces of water. I was unable to do a full cardio routine as I had an appointment in the afternoon. I felt great all day!!! 🙂

  7. I saw that movie too. It was really cute! I did abs and calves since I only had a teeny bit of time. 😀

  8. That sounds good….I was also thinking about your hormone cycle plan….very interested in that……I truly believe that our hormones play a major role in fitness.

  9. I just finished an awesome workout. 45 min cardio/kick class, 45 min back lifting, 20 min on cross trainer doing strength training. Feel awesome. Now time for some protein and go to work. Happy Wednesday 6-23-10.

  10. day#8…having a cup of coffee, then a run on the treadmill followed by shoulders,back,and abs….maybe some triceps and bicep in there too…have a wonderful day!

  11. I was with my daughter all day at basketball camp, but I walked around campus alot. That is something. More tomorrow.

  12. WOW Never thought this would be said by me LOL!!! But here it goes… it’s my day off and I dont want to take it! I have fallen in love with working out!! Thanks again Michelle.

  13. well still feeling undert he weather but hopin a workout will make everything better, wish me luck I offs to the gym…

  14. day 8 not as successful as others! But I still got in a few extra steps through the day- I knew I wouldn’t have time to get to the gym so I did the next best thing- inbetween work tasks I got through my ab work out then decided for a nice walk before dinner when I got home! Didn’t feel like enough but my legs definitely feel the burn still from day 7!

  15. Thanks for the workout ideas. LOVE intervals!!! Hope to one day go as intense as yours are (10mph yes, but not sure I can match 7mph recovery, whew!) goal to work towards : )

  16. Christmas Eve – special time in preparation….Church and getting the meal ready and presents too seem to be my priority today. Will practice my RIPPED Workout which I teach on Jan 1st —about 75% through it…need to learn the other 25!!

  17. So now that the holidays are done with ..getting back into the groove of things ..I have my living room floor space and it is a gorgeous day outside in the west texas desert for some outdoor fun yay!:-)

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