40 days to FIT!! Day 6 & 7~ the weekend

Good MONDAY morning all!!! I am attacking the day~ day 8 of my “40 days to FIT”!! I am going to go for a run and do a chest/tri/abs workout!!

BUT FIRST>>>> let me catch you up on my Day 6 and Day 7…AND THANK YOU for all the amazing comments on the blogs for the “40 days to FIT” challenge!! You are doing GREAT~ i wish I had time to respond to each one the comments!! Thanks!!!!

Saturday was my day 6 and I did great~ I went to the gym, had a great upper body– more back/biceps and ABS workout…then did some cardio~ 7 mins on the r-bike and 15 mins of intervals on the stair monster.

Sunday~ ended up being a day off…I had really sore/tired hips from that stair mill!!  I did great on my eating thought and have been keeping my carb count low….so this morning I woke up at 127.5 pounds.  that’s 2.5 pounds since buffing started on Thursday and really great considering I am on creatine!!!

I am VERY happy with my progress so far and now that we are over an 1/8 of the way done with the Challenge~ I feel like I am an 1/8 of the way closer to my goal for sure!!!!

This week is the LAST week of summer vacation for the kids and instead of going to Branson, we’ve decided to do activities around home: Go bowling, To the Movies, to a state park, miniature golfing, to the pool, etc….It should be easier since the weather is supposed to be a bit stormy this week.  The kids find out who their teachers are going to be on Wed and have open house on Thursday.  All 3 girls are very excited about it, but my 10 year old son is DREADING school!  Poor guy!  I hated school when I was his age too!

In other news, my sister just moved to Arizona (from MN) over the weekend.  I am so excited for her and her husband’s new life there.  She’s teaching 3rd grade at a charter school– it’s a SPORTS ACHEDEMY!  Man I’d love to go to that school!!

Anyhow…here’s my POA for the week:

M-chest/Tri/Abs and run
W-Back/Bi/Sh/Abs and intervals
Th-chest/Tri/Abs and run
S-Back/Bi/Sh/Abs and run

Let’s all have a GREAT Week!!!!
Just Belive you can do it~ it’s amazing what happens when we believe!!

I BELIEVE in you~



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  1. Good morning and Happy Monday Michelle! So, I have a question… What would be a good workout routine for preparing for breast implants. I’ll be consulting on Aug 12 and don’t know the surgery date yet. I do know I’ll have to take some time off and I don’t want to turn flabby… Any suggestions???

  2. Michelle…Do you have any great alternatives for sweets?…..I love cheesecake…..It has been the hardest thing to give up…..Im doing the South Beach Diet and they have a sub called ricotta cream….not the same!!!…..Do you use sugar sub? If so what kind?

  3. I just use regular sugar and I do eat treats from time to time. how often do you crave cheesecake? No matter what~ you need to kick the dessert habit so that it’s not a daily or every meal issue. Have you tried having substituting dessert with something else…like coffee, a piece of gum, herbal tea?

  4. Congrats on your progress Michelle. I haven’t lost any weight this week but I am going to try to stay positive and continue on during the next 33 days 🙂

  5. Well, I know a little about spending time with the family; therefore, early saturday morning (7am) my husband hit the gym before the kids wake up…since Ive been consistent about trying to stay in shape and hitting the gym, i plan to order creatine this weekend. I hope by the end of your program, I’ll be more fit than I am now. This is a challenge for me esp. since its hard to be on a strict program with a family! BTW, your pictures are AWESOME and can be very encouraging to what we can look like if we put our mind, heart, and strength!

  6. I kinda cant wait till school starts, only bc my routine will be back on tract. Like now Im watching 3 other kids, than mine own, so I cant go to the gym in the morning, and that is not good for me.. I am definately a morning person, when it comes to working out.. But i do enjoy having my kids home iwht me..

  7. Day 7
    another progressive day today, worked hard on abs and cardio, changed things up somewhat on the treadmill today, was exhausted in the first 5 mins so I guess it worked! 🙂
    Tonite I work on arms, back!

  8. this weekend so far, good with food, even baked today and resisted many temptations. Did legs/back P90x work out yesterday and today we are doing KICKBOXING.

    I am still so oo frustrated w/ my weight, back up 2 pounds to 154!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I like to work upper body on Mon and Wed with lower body on Tues and Thurs. I do my cardio in the evenings.

  10. Keep consistent and your weight will consistently go down…Fluctuations are very normal.

  11. the same as if you were preparing to go on vacation. You want to be in tip top shape going into your surgery!!

  12. Day#7..Its Sunday…so i have to follow the Lords advice and rest:)…Although I wont be doing any physical exercise today, I will be eating clean.Im used to taking Sunday as a day to eat what I want…but since Im taking the 40 day challenge, Im going to eat what my body needs.Enjoy the day…

  13. got to play catch up day 6 was a bust as i’m not feeling well but am going to try for a light workout today go easy on the running but will still do ab workout and possibly shoulders, damnable sneezin

  14. I am disappointed because I have been very sick with flu like symptoms since yesterday. I took sunday off since it was mothers day so no exercise then. Then woke up sick Monday and it was all I could do to lift my head off the pillow. Now again today,…no better. I just keep thinking all the work I did and the progress I was making could be wasted. I hope once I’m over this I can
    regain the momentum I had going.

  15. so my day 6 was good i ended up doing upper body, abs and intervals! i was so sore on day 7 but i did not stop! i went back to the gym and did lower body and abs inbetween sets! it felt great- definitely feeling it this morning and its so gloomy out today that i am feeeling more tired but today i am going to try your tip of doing abs as a circuit with the buffaerobics! I was going to try to get out tonight and do buffaerobics on rollerblades but that can wait till next week. Day 8 and I am down 3 lbs which is amazing- I do want to start taking something for help I am currently just supplementing meals with whey protein and I ahve cleaned up my eating habits for the past month which helped.

  16. Teaching class tonight and then a quick overall body workout…Xmas Eve..the next day..need to be working as a santa helper!

  17. Finding it hard to keep consistant..even if my belly bulge stares back at me mockingly..I know its really good to work out in the cold..but I just hate the cold ..its Monday day after christmas and all I want to do is sleep.

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